Yoga for Menopause Symptoms

by Laura Ramirez on November 17, 2011

Yoga for menopause has many important benefits that researchers are just beginning to wrap their minds around. Long touted as an exercise that has more than just a physical benefit to the body, yoga strengthens the muscles, helps create a sense of balance, improves the core muscles (which are essential to good posture) and calms and centers those who practice it. It works on your body from the inside out, making you more aware of yourself through specific breathing practices.

In addition to it’s many benefits, long time practitioners also claim that it is a fountain of youth of sorts. This is because deep, conscious breathing massages the internal organs, keeping them functioning optimally and also brings vital oxygen to every cell in the body. Since oxygen is a life-giving element and transport system for essential nutrients—it’s the one thing that we can’t live without for more than a few minutes max (think about it: you can go three days without water)— it refreshes and destresses the body and is even known to create more youthful-looking hair and skin. We all know that stress kills us slowly and etches lines upon our faces, so it follows that exercise that relaxes and rejuvenates by encouraging us to breathe fully and go deep within ourselves has an opposite effect.

In an article that appeared on, K.C.Dermody tells us the top benefits of practicing yoga for menopause symptoms:

One of the most challenging aspects of aging for women, are the symptoms of menopause. Perimenopause can start as early as your 30’s, and some women experience full blown menopause as young as 40. Yoga helps decrease these symptoms, including reducing hot flashes, insomnia and even helps to balance mood disorders.


As we age, our we lose muscle strength quicker, and yoga can help to counteract this by building up muscle strength. Yoga is one of the best resistance exercises there are, and can be the most important factor in reversing age related muscle loss. Working both small and large muscles, you’ll also be increasing your metabolism, which helps you maintain an ideal body weight, another problem of aging. 

A better attitude

yoga for menopause

Yoga for menopause symptoms is almost like a fountain of youth.

Yoga also has a positive effect on our attitude, and great benefits to mental health. By increasing mindfulness, and our ability to live in the present, our outlook on life will naturally be better. Yoga can reduce anxiety and depression too. People who are happier tend to live longer, and look younger.   Yahoo! Sports

Since yoga involves slow, gentle stretching and strength-building exercises that lengthen the spine, it can also relieve the back pain that often comes with age. Relaxing yourself will also help you let go of chronic stress in other areas, like the proverbial pain in the neck and shoulders.

Yoga for menopause symptoms may just be the kind of relief that you’re looking for. Whether you’ve recently taken up yoga or have been doing it for years, please leave your comments below and share how it has improved your life. What is the most important thing that you have learned from your practice?

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