What Causes Hot Flashes? Better Yet, What to Do About It

by Laura Ramirez on July 9, 2011

What causes hot flashes? ᅠThe answer is that even doctors don’t really know. Although one woman described having a hot flash as “being blow-torched” which tells those not in the know that a hot flash really does feel like you’re on fire, the body’s temperature actually only increases less than one half of one degree.

So if your body temperature isn’t increasing, then what is happening? Again, no one really knows. What we do know is that hot flashes are associated with declining hormones and a few scientists have pinpointed it to how diminishing hormones affect neurotransmitters in the brain.ᅠ

She has been trying to cope with the bothersome symptoms of menopause as best she can by downing cup after cup of ice water, and spritzing it on her face. She even committed a verboten move for a Southern woman of her age: she stopped wearing panty
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what causes hot flashes

What causes hot flashes?

So maybe a better question than what causes hot flashes is what you can do about them. Here are some suggestions:

  • Wear 100% cotton clothes. Forget about acrylic and spandex. A woman suffering from hot flashes needs clothes that breathe and she also needs clothes that are not restrictive, so keep things loose. Just keep telling yourself, “Tight clothes are for teenagers.”
  • Ditch the pantyhose. Ditto for the Spanx, especially in summer. (I’ve never liked this stuff anyway. I don’t like to feel like I’m in a sausage casing.)
  • Stay away from caffeine and alcohol which are known to exacerbate hot flashes. Eat more brightly colored vegetables. The phytonutrients will help.
  • Try dong quai. It’s a natural remedy that worked well for me and the friends who I’ve told about it.
  • Take up yoga. It’s an excellent weight-bearing exercise for all fitness levels that also teaches you to relax and become more aware.

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