Vaginal Atrophy Treatment for Menopausal Women

by Laura Ramirez on July 11, 2011

Vaginal atrophy treatment is essential for menopausal women or who women who have lost their ovaries through surgery or cancer. When a woman’s ovaries are removed or they stop producing estrogen for any reason, the vaginal walls become dry and lose their elasticity. This means that sex for menopausal women can be painful, leading to bruising, bleeding and even tears in the vaginal wall. Although the solution for this used to be hormone replacement therapy (HRT), today’s more progressive doctors recommend the use of natural estrogens and lubricants.

This condition, which affects several women during menopause, is referred to as vaginal atrophy or atrophic vaginitis. According to gynaecologist Dr Douglas McDonald, vaginal atrophy is caused primarily by the decline of oestrogen as women get older,
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vaginal atrophy treatment

Vaginal atrophy treatment: a good lubricant does the trick

The decline of estrogen can be alleviated with bioidentical hormones (which have the same exact structure as those made by women’s bodies). Since it is recommended that women stay sexually active throughout their lives (because it feels good, releases dopamine and is just so damn good for you!), the first course of action is to use a natural lubricant that is an effective vaginal atrophy treatment because it provides the moisture needed for enjoyable sex. Use estrogen along with the lubricant, either in the form of pellets of patches and you have a prescription for a healthy sex life.

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