Treatment for Menopause Symptoms: Does Accupuncture Work?

by Laura Ramirez on August 11, 2011

Treatment for menopause symptoms, like hot flashes and night sweats, have traditionally been relegated to Western medicine. You go to your medical doctor, report your symptoms and he or she prescribes some hormones to take that relieve the symptoms.ᅠ

The problem with this is that the jury is still out in terms of the safety of playing around with hormones, at least with regard to synthetic hormones. Back in 2003, Premarin, an estrogen replacement hormone was associated with increased risk of breast cancer which caused hundreds of thousands of women around the world to stop taking their daily pills. Now, eight years later, there have been over 3000 cases in the United States alone in which women have received settlements and just this week up in Canada, another class action lawsuit was filed.

Although pills seem relatively harmless compared to getting stuck by needles, many women are turning to acupuncture for relief of menopause symptoms with great results, in particular those that have to do with regulating the body temperature.

ᅠ“My husband complains that I’ve been irritable…. I wake up several times each night perspiring and unable to go back to sleep. In the office, my co-workers complain that I set the thermostat to freezing levels when everyone else feels comfortable with room temperature. Does this sound familiar? If this is something you can identify with, you might be having night sweats and hot flashes which are tell tale signs of menopause.

Recent evidence correlates the problem of hot flashes with imbalances in hormones. Although non-curative estrogen replacement therapy has been the standard of treatment, this drug approach to hot flashes is not the only proven remedy. There are equally effective approaches, which have proven preventive values as well.

Another effective approach, which is fast gaining popularity, is the use of treatment modalities in Oriental Medicine, which include acupuncture and the use of herbs.

Combined with acupuncture, this treatment approach provides a competitive edge leading to a better sense of well being and vitality. ARC Acupuncture and Physical Therapy has proven success with treatment of all menopause symptoms.
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treatment for menopause symptoms

Treatment for menopause symptoms: accupuncture is an effective treatment for hot flashes.

Chinese medicine views menopause as an imbalanced state that causes the body’s energy to stagnate instead of flow harmoniously as it does when everything is functioning properly. These imbalances may be caused from too much of certain hormone or too little of another. The goal of accupuncture is to bring the hormonal system back into its balanced state of yin and yang, thus, relieving symptoms. Chinese herbs help to facilitate the process. Many women prefer it because in addition to being relaxing, it helps them achieve hormonal balance without taking drugs or messing with their hormones.

Have you used acupuncture as a treatment for menopause symptoms? If so, please share comments, tips and stories, so other women can join the conversation and learn more about this alternative treatment.ᅠ

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