Tips for Menopause – Instead of Sweating Menopausal Symptoms Why Not Celebrate?

by Laura Ramirez on July 14, 2011

Tips for menopause: instead of focusing on all the depressing symptoms of midlife change like hot flashes, night sweats, loss of fertility, mood swings, weight gain, etc, why not celebrate the positive changes that come with the change of life. This positive approach can go a long way to minimizing stress, reducing the likelihood of depression and even reducing menopausal symptoms that are associated with stress. ᅠ

So get out your gratitude journal and write down some things to be grateful for. How about the cessation of your monthly cycle? Although I used to celebrate my “moon,” I know many women who considered it a drag. ᅠNo more monthly menses and the messes that accompany them. Yea, hooray!

Does menopause have you mourning? Maternal fitness expert Cathy Cram shares reasons to be happy about menopause!ᅠI want to cover some of the positive changes that come with this life change.ᅠᅠ It’s summertime, so it feels appropriate to lighten things up and look at things with a “glass half-full” attitude.
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tips for menopause

Tips for menopause: celebrate this time of life.

What about increased freedom? For many of us, the change of life comes around the time that our kids are going off to college or moving out of the house. Although children growing up and going off on their own is bittersweet, why not focus on all your newly found free time. Now, you can finally put the energy into really working on yourself and making this new stage of life an expression of who you really are, separate from your husband or partner and kids. For some women, this may mean totally reinventing themselves, starting a company or writing a book. For others, it may mean traveling the world or donating time to community projects that they care deeply about. In order to navigate “the change” in a healthy manner, you must shift from caretaking to taking care of yourself. This time of life is definitely more about maintenance, so self-care is essential.

What are your tips of menopause? How have you brought a positive focus to midlife transition? Please leave your comments below.

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