The Wisdom of Menopause and a New Title by Christiane Northrup

by Laura Ramirez on July 16, 2011

The Wisdom of Menopause is a book written by Christiane Northrup, who is both an obstetrician and a gynecologist. She is in the best position to write professionally about menopause and dispense medical advice on how to deal with it, personally and professionally. The author goes beyond medical terms and explanations and really looks into how a woman lives, in order to gauge her response to the symptoms of menopause as well as  other aspects of this period of life.

Below are top five helpful points from the celebrated book The Wisdom of Menopause, which are advantageous for all menopausal women to know.

  • Menopause can be life-affirming, not just life-altering.That hormones play a powerful role in menopause is acknowledged by the author. However, Christiane Northrup points out that women in menopause should not relinquish control over their bodies, health, and well-being (physical, mental, and emotional). The Wisdom of Menopause places special emphasis on midlife hormonal changes as something one should not approach with dread, but rather as a time of positive transformation and liberation from youthful insecurities. Menopause can in fact be the period in life when women are most comfortable in their own skin and can express themselves perhaps for the first time in life with strong, clear voices.
  • Sensible diet plans and a holistic approach to remedies are recommended, not traditional or quick-fixes for symptoms.A solid medical background qualifies the author of The Wisdom of Menopause to provide sound advice to handle menopause symptoms. Christiane Northrup does not promote either hormone replacement therapy (HRT) or alternative medication, but encourages readers to make informed and personalized decisions about them.What she does recommend is a good, long, and thorough look at one’s lifestyle to discover what positive changes can be made for continued health and happiness independent of menopause cures. A sensible diet, regular exercise, like yoga and other positive, proactive ways of dealing with midlife issues are better than any quick-fix solutions to alleviate perceived symptoms. Towards the end of the book, the author provides a comprehensive list of resources for menopause remedies, so that women can make informed choices themselves.
  • Personal and real-life patient experiences are provided as case study points.One reviewer of the book The Wisdom of Menopause likens its author to a knowledgeable holistic doctor as well as a sage aunt because of her personal approach on the subject.Christiane Northrup retells her own history with menopause, including a divorce during its onset, to launch into a thorough discussion of the effects of hormonal changes. As well, carefully selected case histories are examined to provide study points for chapters covering menopause and sex, weight gain, addressing long-term health concerns, and other interesting topics. Expertise with a personal touch is what elevates this book to something beyond a medical text reference.
  • Midlife and menopausal concerns are discussed candidly, yet reassuringly (and oftentimes humorously).As mentioned, Christiane Northrup took care to add character to The Wisdom of Menopause by injecting her own humor and personal history into it. The result is a highly informative book which is brimming with references and sound medical advice, but also one that is reassuring in its honesty and openness.One reader-reviewer praises the book for not only validating the reality of menopause symptoms, but also explaining them in detail. Plenty of women who have read The Wisdom of Menopause came away feeling inspired and emboldened to embark on menopause as a form of adventure rather than entering it as a bleak, morbid, cursed, and inconvenient phase in life.
  • The book carries an overall empowering message for menopausal women.Women need not act as bystanders to the midlife change. The Wisdom of Menopause emphasizes taking control of one’s life and moving beyond past roles that contain resentment and grudges. For instance, the mood swings everyone has always regarded as a common menopause symptom can in fact be likely caused by the constant care-giving expectations imposed on women, which suddenly become burdensome when they are faced with their own health issues. Menopause can liberate women from these self-sacrificing roles and allow them to focus on themselves without the accompanying guilt or indignity.

So now that you’ve read the highlights of The Wisdom of Menopause, consider taking a look at Christiane Northrup’s new and best work so far Creating Health: Honoring Women’s Wisdom. In it, Northrup offers insights and lasting wisdom that helps menopausal women find balance, meaning and deep satisfaction in this next phase of life without sounding too clinical or too new-age.

the wisdom of menopause christiane northrup

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