Symptoms of Male Menopause Relieved by Channel Surfing

by Laura Ramirez on July 29, 2011

The symptoms of male menopause are similar in many ways to what women go through as part of midlife change. Symptoms like sweats, hot flashes, fat gain, loss of lean muscle mass, depression, irritability and anxiety are common. As more and more doctors recognize that this transition is just as profound for men as it is for women, more and more treatments are becoming available.

As in women, the treatment for male menopause is to bring hormone levels back up to their pre-andropause levels (andropause is the medical name for male menopause). Some men may have too little testosterone while others may have too much estrogen (which can cause symptoms such a male breasts). The trick is to balance hormonal levels so men can start to feel like themselves again, even as they’re going through the change.ᅠ

symptoms of male menopause

Symptoms of male menopause can be relieved by watching t.v.

While this is science and can involve treatments as varied as supplements, creams, gels or even pellets implanted under the skin, a new study found that—get this—reclining, watching a big screen TV and channel surfing can help raise testosterone levels in older men. That’s right, Ladies. I laughed so hard when I read this. My husband’s lounge lizard habits are actually beneficial to his health! Then I thought for a day or so about whether I wanted to share information that would probably promote more couch potato behavior in the future.

In addition to this, it was also discovered that typically male behaviors like problem solving, acting under pressure and fighting for a noble cause also raise testosterone levels in menopausal men. Below, author Trudi Pratt gives us a hilarious example of what such behavior looks like in action (and of course, how men set themselves up to have to act this way in the first place):

It could look something like this. Your guy waits until the last minute to Christmas shop. He has a huge sense of problem solving (it’s Christmas Eve and he’s got no gifts), he’s under pressure (the stores close early) and he’s sacrificing for a noble cause (the gift is for you).

While this situation might be a relationship stressor for the female, it doesn’t seem to faze the male, says Gray.

In fact, this whole big frenzy that’s making you a basket case is actually good for him. His testosterone has been raised. He’s feeling successful, alive and relaxed. His stress is reduced. He’s now going to hit the Barcalounger, watch some ESPN and get even healthier.

Obviously, while channel surfing on the couch and acting valiantly can help to increase testosterone and relieve the symptoms of male menopause, most men will need further treatment. There are many proven formulas on the market from testosterone creams formulated specifically for men to HGH releasersᅠthat relieve the symptoms of andropause, reduce body fat, restore lean muscle mass and increase feelings of well-being.

If you’re a man who is going through male menopause or the woman who loves him, tell us what you’re doing to effectively relieve symptoms.

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