Surgical Menopause Symptoms Put Women into the Thick of Mid-Life Change

by Laura Ramirez on July 18, 2011

Surgical menopause symptoms can make women feel like they’re going nuts. Says one woman, Kim Wood, an Aussie who lost one ovary and then another (due to cancer) and suddenly found herself in full blown menopause: “I wanted to punch someone!”ᅠ

In terms of symptoms, being thrown from a normal menstrual cycle into the throes of menopause is like crashing into a brick wall. For a woman whose hormones were pretty much balanced all her adult life, she quickly learns what it means to “go hormonal”—the hot flashes, the mood swings, the night sweats, the memory loss— it can just unnerve you. This is why women who are getting cancer treatments or who know that a procedure might require surgical removal of their ovaries need to be prepared.

Ms Wood experienced menopause at 34. She had lost one ovary after an ectopic pregnancy and the second one was removed in 2008 as part of her treatment for breast cancer. Unlike women with unexplained menopause, Ms Wood was prepared for the symptoms.ᅠBut she still found them hard to manage.”A week after surgery, I was straight into menopause,” she said. ”The first two weeks were the worst. I felt like something had taken over my body.

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What can women do to prepare themselves for surgical menopause symptoms? Well, for one, if your doctor doesn’t bring up what can happen hormonally if you do go into full blown menopause, then make sure you do. A temporary option until you know exactly what you’re facing might be to have hormone replacement therapy (HRT) on the ready just in case.

Since HRT is controversial and has been linked with cancer (and many women don’t want to take it after losing an ovary to radiation therapy, for instance), you may want to investigate bioidentical hormone therapy (BHRT) which uses hormones that are identical to those your body makes and has no side effects or risks of cancer.ᅠ

If your symptoms are not severe, then you may also consider using herbs, dietary and lifestyle changes to get a handle on your symptoms. See relief from hot flashes for more information.

Since there seems to be little support for women suffering from surgical menopause symptoms, please offer your support on this page. What are some tips that can help other women through this difficult time?

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