Signs of Menopause in Women – Are You Going Through The Change?

by Laura Ramirez on July 14, 2011

Signs of menopause in women are usually pretty dramatic although not all women suffer from menopause symptoms. First, let’s give you a good starting definition of menopause and then we will talk more about the different symptoms.

Menopause is the point in time when a woman’s menstrual periods stop. Menopause happens because the ovaries stop producing the hormones estrogen and progesterone. Once you have gone through menopause, you can’t get pregnant anymore.

signs of menopause in women

There are many signs of menopause in women

During the time of the menopausal transition (perimenopause), your periods can stop for a while and then start again. Therefore, the only way to know if you have gone through menopause is if you have not had your period for one year. (And it’s not menopause if your periods stop for some other reason, like being sick.) The average age of menopause is 51, but for some women it happens as early as 40 or as late as 55….

The signs of menopause appear below. Remember, you may not experience all of these symptoms. If you have any questions about what you’re feeling, go to your doctor. Your doctor can do a hormone panel to determine if you’re going through “the change.” If you’re the type of person who likes to take her health into her own hands, you can also order a hormone test yourself. Once you take it and send it in, you will receive a full report of your hormone levels along with a confirmation about whether you are in menopause or in the beginning stages (perimenopause) of the midlife transition. ᅠ

Here are some common symptoms: hot flashes or hot flushes (which is a sudden rush of heat that can cause sweating), difficulty sleeping through the night, changes in mood (your husband may notice that you are grumpy or short-tempered), osteoporosis which causes thinning of the bone (this can be diagnosed with a bone density test), increased or lowered sex drive, irregular menstrual cycle, increased urinary tract infections or problems with vaginal infections, and finally, the dreaded weight gain or middle age spread.

What were your first signs of menopause? How did you know that you were going through the change?

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