Severe Menopause Symptoms – Eating to Beat the Heat of Hot Flashes & Other Symptoms

by Laura Ramirez on July 11, 2011

Defeating severe menopause symptoms may require a number of strategies, but one easy and healthy way to alleviate symptoms is by eating a better diet. For instance, did you know that the phytoestrogens in garlic can lift your mood and prevent hot flashes. Yes, folks, food really is your best medicine and in addition to natural methods like yoga, meditation and bioidentical hormones, it’s a great place to start. Plus, changing your diet and the way you think about and use food will benefit you for the rest of your life.ᅠ

severe menopause symptoms

Even severe menopause symptoms can be relieved through diet

Two recognized menopause experts, document the most important facts about menopause including tips and advice on how to cope with its symptoms. It is an amazing fact that most American women spend as much as a third of their lifespan going through “the change.” It is a transitional period that is more often than not riddled with myths, uncertainties, and trepidation.ᅠ
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Making meals with avocado, chile peppers, asparagus and chocolate (but not all in one dish) can actually improve your sex drive. Learning how to prepare healthier meals that are good for severe menopause symptoms and also good for the entire family is easy. In fact, there’s a new book about it called,ᅠEat to Defeat Menopause – The Essential Nutrition Guide for a Healthy Midlife by Karen Giblin and Mache Seibel, MD.

In addition to scrumptious but easy-to-make recipes, the doctors offer advice on which foods help which menopausal symptoms as well as information on soy and the different choices available since there’s been a hot debate about whether soy is beneficial. Other important advice: take omega 3’s daily and cut down on caffeine and alcohol which can aggravate the symptoms of menopause.

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