Relief from Hot Flashes – The Average Woman Suffers from Hot Flushes for Ten Years

by Laura Ramirez on July 18, 2011

Relief from hot flashes is a hot topic among menopausal women because the current research shows that in most women, this aggravating symptom persists for an average ten years, much longer than the 3-5 years that was originally reported.

Ten years, you say. Yikes! ᅠThat’s like a prison sentence. Ten years of sweating at embarrassingly inappropriate times and waking up in the middle of the night in a pool of your own sweat is not exactly a picture of a healthy and graceful midlife transition. (I recall sweat dripping off my nose in the dead of winter as I was trying to cash a particularly large cashier’s check at my bank. I could tell that my inappropriate sweating—it was cold even inside the bank—made the teller think that I was up to something and so I had to wait while she consulted with the bank manager.) This is why it’s absolutely essential to get this symptom of menopause under control. ᅠᅠ

A recent analysis shows the median duration of moderate-to-severe hot flushes to be 10.2 years — and even longer if they begin near a woman’s entry into the menopause transition. Among 349 women who reported having any hot flushes over the course of 13 years, median duration was greater than 11.57 years when this symptom first occurred near the time of entry into the menopause transition. By comparison, hot-flush symptoms that began in the early-transition stage had a median duration of 7.35 years, and a median duration of 3.84 years when beginning in the late-transition to postmenopausal stages.
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relief from hot flashes

Relief from hot flashes is usually found by taking herbs, eating a good diet and exercising.

So how do you get relief from hot flashes? There are a number of solutions. The best solution means cutting some things out and adding other things in. For example, many women claim that hot flashes are worsened by caffeine, so you may want to cut down on coffee. For many women, including me, their morning cup of java is their last vice and they are unwilling to give it up, hot flashes or not. If you drink 2 cups per day, try cutting down your consumption by half and adding in black cohosh as a daily supplement.

Black cohosh is well-researched and is probably the most effect herb for treating hot flashes. It has no side effects so it can be taken without concern that it will lead to other side effects.

Another good way to get some relief from hot flashes is to improve your diet. Eating lots of fresh vegetables (especially dark leafy greens, purples and deep red vegies), along with lean protein, seeds, nuts and fruit will help provide your body with the nutrients it needs to more effectively regulate body temperature and improve your health overall. Make sure to drink plenty of water to keep yourself well-hydrated.

Finally, since both exercise and relaxation can help, I recommend that you “kill two birds with one stone” and do an activity that offers both of these benefits simultaneously: yoga for menopausal women. In addition, to these benefits, yoga increases your level of self-awareness which can lead to important insights in terms of making the changes that will lead to a happier, more fulfilling journey through this second stage of life.ᅠ

How about you? What effective ways have you found to get relief from hot flashes?

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