Premarin Menopause Treatment – Class Action Lawsuit Filed in Canada

by Laura Ramirez on August 10, 2011

Premarin menopause treatment and its link to breast cancer was well-publicized back in 2003. Now a judge in British Columbia, Canada has approved a class action lawsuit which will likely attract thousands of Canadian women who were treated with Premarin (a synthetic hormone that is made from horse urine) to join.

In the United States, many such cases have been tried successfully and so far, there have been over 3000 settlements.

Below are the details of the plaintiff whose case convinced the Canadian judge that it met the criteria for a class action suit:

The representative plaintiff, Dianna Louise Stanway, 65, who lives in Sechelt, began taking the drug Premarin in 1995 to reduce menopausal symptoms.

Her doctor prescribed reducing the dosage in 2002 and she stopped taking the drug in March 2003 after reading news reports linking it to breast cancer.

Two months later, she was diagnosed with ductal and lobular breast cancer.

B.C. Supreme Court Justice Miriam Gropper decided this week that Stanway’s case met the criteria for class-action certification.

“She’s very pleased that the case is moving forward,” one of Stanway’s lawyers, David Klein of Vancouver, said Friday.

Most women would probably concur that like Ms. Stanway, they would have never taken Premarin if they had been fully informed of all the risks.

Although it’s unfortunate that Ms. Stanway got breast cancer after taking Premarin for menopause symptoms, every woman who has ever considered synthetic hormone replacement therapy or been prescribed it for any length of time by their doctor should consider this a warning sign. If you have not had a mammogram, then it’s time to get checked because in its early stages, breast cancer can be treated effectively. If you are concerned about the radiation, then there are other options such as thermograms, but whatever you do, get it done. The good news in all of this is that Ms. Stanway did win her battle against breast cancer. Early detection is the key, especially if you’ve been exposed to a substance with a known link to breast cancer.

If you are currently taking Premarin, have a long talk with your doctor and consider other options such as bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, natural remedies or an over-the-counter estrogen cream.

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If you have used Premarin menopause treatment and have been diagnosed with breast cancer, please tell us how long you were using it, which symptoms your doctor prescribed it for and what your early warning signs were that something was wrong. Please share your stories to help other women identify symptoms and recognize that it might be time to make an appointment with their doctor.ᅠ

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