Pregnancy During Menopause (Real-Life Stories from Real Moms)

by Laura Ramirez on June 29, 2011

That pregnancy during menopause is impossible has become a widely accepted medical notion. However, there are real, documented stories of menopausal women who not only managed to conceive, but to carry full term pregnancies and give birth to healthy babies. Accounts of women who got pregnant well into their fifties may not be commonplace, but the fact remains that menopause doesn’t always equal infertility.

pregnancy during menopause

Pregnancy during menopause is possible

While fertility among women usually hits the highest point in the early to mid twenties and begins to decline from the early to mid thirties, there are more and more women nowadays who opt to conceive between thirty-five and forty years old as long as they still have regular menstrual cycles. The dramatic shift from the role of child-bearing and child-rearing to career-orientedness has undoubtedly prompted women to put having kids on hold. This phenomenon is central to plenty of true-to-life tales on pregnancy during menopause.

Fiona’s Story

Not all menopausal women who get pregnant do so out of choice, though. This particular story from Fiona, a 43-year old single underwater photographer, underlines the astonishment that pregnancy during menopause brings. She tells of the time she spent underwater taking photos of a great white shark, and suddenly experiencing a wave of nausea that she immediately ascribed to being in close proximity to a deadly ocean predator. Upon coming up for air and heading back home from her Mozambique photo shoot, however, Fiona experienced heightened nausea, fatigue, and tenderness in her chest area.

After a week of being back home, she went through what she described as a very light period, which for her surely signaled early menopause. To all intents and purposes, Fiona’s age coupled with all menopausal symptoms she felt during the past year (changes in monthly cycle and sleep patterns, chronic fatigue, hot flashes, mood swings and irritability, etc.) clearly indicated the onset of menopause…but what of the current breast tenderness she characteristically experiences as a premenstrual symptom?

Buying a home pregnancy test seemed to be the best recourse to be sure she was entering menopause…until the test came out positive. Alarmed, Fiona got a hospital blood test which confirmed that she was indeed seven weeks pregnant. Her unplanned pregnancy in her early forties and single motherhood meant a lot of introspection and changes in her chosen lifestyle that she nevertheless was glad to make. Fiona is now a proud mom to a health baby boy.

Celebrity Moms in their Forties

Career first, baby later? It isn’t far-fetched that this has become the mantra of most celebrity mothers we have come to admire. Actress Julianne Moore had her babies at ages thirty-seven and forty-one. Madonna had her second baby at forty-one, as well. Singer, director, and stage actress Beverly d’ Angelo gave birth to twins at age forty-nine. Holly Hunter also had twins at forty-seven. Former fashion models Jerry Hall, Iman, and Elle McPherson gave birth at ages forty-one, forty-four, and thirty-nine, respectively. Even Harry Potter author JK Rowling managed to weave some maternity magic with her latest baby at age thirty-nine.

Whether it is career-motivated or otherwise, these stories about pregnancy during menopause and pre-menopause serve to inspire women who are anxious about conceiving at a late age. Successful careers did not get in the way of their becoming fulfilled mothers to children who can enjoy and revel in the legacy that they have brought to the world. The moral of every one of these stories is making healthy lifestyle choices immensely helps the chances of becoming pregnant at a late age, menopause or not. If you are trying to get pregnant, you may want to consider natural treatments that raise hormones to the proper levels in both men and women to increase fertility.

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