Pregnancy After Menopause – Pregnant 61 Year Old Offers Hope to Women with Early Onset Menopause

by Laura Ramirez on July 23, 2011

Pregnancy after menopause is possible with the use of hormones and in vitro fertilization. Case in point: a 61 year old woman from India and her husband were able to conceive after the death of their only son, Tarini Prasad, in a motorcycle accident left them childless and in despair. Even though the mother, Kanakalata Ram, went through menopause over 12 years ago, she and her husband, Sarat Singh, are expecting with the help of a donor’s eggs. Their second child, also a boy, will be delivered soon.

The success of this pregnancy and the delivery of a healthy child has great implications for women who have gone through early onset menopause due to cancer treatment, premature ovarian failure or unknown reasons. There is hope, especially early on, for these women to achieve their dream of starting a family or having a second child. If a woman who went through menopause 12 years ago can have a child, perhaps you can too.

Trying to fill an aching vacuum after the death of their only son, an elderly couple has achieved the miraculous feat of conceiving a child at the ripe age of 60 plus.ᅠ

The retired government employees achieved the feat through invitro fertilization, 12 years after the mother reached menopause. “The doctors were apprehensive since my wife had attained menopause 12 years ago. Nevertheless, a clinic in Bhubaneswar said
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Although the topic of whether women in their sixties should be encouraged to use technology to get pregnant has been hotly debated in the past (this couple will be in their eighties when their son goes off to college), the fact of the matter is that it can be done. No matter what your beliefs about this, you have to marvel at the wonders of modern medicine. But of course the use of medical technology has to be tempered by humanity and strong ethics.

Since Ram and Singh come from a country, India, where people believe in reincarnation, one has to wonder if they believe in the possibility that this new child will be the reincarnation of their first son. If so, one also has to wonder about the psychological implications this will have for the second son, who may be forced to grow up in the shadow of a brother who died before he was born.ᅠ

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