Post Menopause Diet Lowers the Risk of Sudden Cardiac Death

by Laura Ramirez on July 12, 2011

The recommended post menopause dietᅠ(which is the Mediterranean Diet) has other important benefits: it can lower the risk of Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD) in mature women. SCD is a diagnosis given when a patient dies within one hour of a heart attack. Also important along with diet is regular exercise and no smoking.ᅠ

This is obvious encouragement for women who are looking to change their lifestyle habits. When you eat a healthy diet, you benefit all around. Your risk for fatal diseases drops dramatically, your heart, brain and bone health improves, menopause symptoms subside and you feel better and look better too. An added bonus is that you will lose weight.

post menopause diet

Post menopause diet has other important benefits.

When are people going to get it? Food is our medicine and our body’s first line of defense against disease and aging. What we put into our mouths is what creates our bodies. If you fill yourself with donuts, coffee, potato chips and fast food, these become the building blocks for your body.

A research study that appeared in the June 6 issue of JAMA states that healthy lifestyle lowers the risk of sudden cardiac death in women. Healthy lifestyle includes regular exercise, controlling obesity, healthy diet and no smoking.

The authors of this research study state that current mortality due to sudden cardiac death (SCD) in the United States ranges from 250,000 to 310,000 cases each year and accounts for more than half of all cardiac deaths...

The recommended post menopause diet is as follows: lean healthy proteins (think chicken, fish, turkey, legumes, nuts and eggs), lots of fresh colorful vegetables, whole grains and fruit. It also helps to supplement with omega 3s and calcium and magnesium.ᅠ

Best of all, once you’ve been eating this way for awhile, you’ll lose your cravings for junk food (can you really call it food?) that used to fill you up, but leave you starving for nutrients.

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