Peri Menopause – Recognizing and Understanding the Signs

by Laura Ramirez on December 2, 2010

Peri menopause is a misunderstood and confusing period of time for many women. The term is used to define the period before the onset of menopause when some women begin to experience menopausal symptoms. Adding to the confusion around this condition is the fact that it can strike different women at different times and with varying levels of intensity.

The most noticeable of peri menopause symptoms is changes in the menstrual cycle. Any time from the 30’s through the early 50’s, a woman can experience stark changes in the frequency of her cycle and also changes in flow. Sometimes the flow might be quite heavy and other times barely noticeable and this can vary from month to month.

It can be very hard to determine whether a woman is beginning the transition into menopause but generally, changes in the menstrual cycle or other menopause type symptoms occurring without the presence of any other health issue is a clear indicator that a woman has entered peri menopause. It is also hard to know how long this period will last as the duration can also vary from individual to individual. For some it is a matter of months, for others, years.

Other peri menopause symptoms can include hot flashes and night sweats, heart palpitations, vaginal dryness, reduced sex drive, tender breasts, and bloating. You can experience any of these physical symptoms alone or in combination without actually ceasing your menstrual cycle, meaning that you have not yet fully entered menopause. One of the best ways to relieve peri menopause symptoms is to take a natural supplement that contains pasque flower and black cohosh.

There are also psychological symptoms which can be indicative of peri menopause. These include mood swings, anxiety, depression and difficulty concentrating. Realizing that they are starting the next phase of their lives can be difficult for some women, but it doesn’t have to be a negative. Keeping a positive attitude at the onset of symptoms can help tremendously.

Avoiding excess stress is another important factor in combating peri menopause symptoms. The more stressed you are, the more you weaken your body’s natural defenses, opening yourself up to any number of negative conditions. Eating right, exercising and practicing relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation can be very important for maintaining your health through this transitional period.

The most important thing to remember about peri menopause is that it happens to everyone. It is completely normal and with the right attitude and the proper steps, you can overcome symptoms and continue living a full and productive life. The key is being aware of your body and recognizing symptoms when they crop up so that you can begin to address them.

Entering menopause is not the end of anything. In fact, if you embrace the changes and keep a strong positive attitude, it could very well be the beginning of a whole new and exciting time in your life as many women can attest. So don’t let those changes throw you for a loop, stay in touch with your body and make it work for you, no matter what your age!

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