Natural Menopause Relief: Why Herbal Ingredients Are Best

by Laura Ramirez on June 25, 2011

In the past ten years, natural menopause relief has been edging out its prescription pharmaceutical counterparts because many women are developing a preference for it. Natural menopausal remedies used to be recommended primarily by herbalists and homeopaths; however, even mainstream physicians are beginning to recognize and recommend them to patients. Not only do natural ingredients offer plenty of benefits; they also present fewer risks and side effects to a menopausal woman. There are other important reasons, and below are some of the key benefits of menopause treatments with emphasis on the effectiveness and safety of those with natural ingredients.

• Natural menopause relief fits perfectly into a healthy lifestyle

Natural menopause relief seldom has side effects

Natural menopause relief in the form of black cohosh can relieve symptoms fast

Brewed as teas or soups, incorporated into a regular diet as food, massaged, inhaled, taken as capsules or tinctures, and even infused into bath water, natural menopause relief has proven to be versatile and convenient for women. There was a time when hormone replacement therapy (HRT) was the standard remedy to address a wide range of menopause symptoms. However, HRT creates a cyclic method for menopausal women. This is especially true with prescriptions for estrogen and progestin pills. Patients are required to take them separately, with estrogen ingested daily for twenty-five days in a month, and progestin for ten to fourteen days in a month. Doing so has almost always resulted in bleeding as the body experiences withdrawal from the pills. And while troublesome symptoms such as hot flashes, mood swings, vaginal dryness, and night sweats are addressed, the complexity of taking combination HRT can leave most menopausal women confused and prone to making mistakes as far as taking the right pill at the right time. Natural menopause remedies don’t present this problem.

• Many natural menopause relief products target several symptoms at once

One could argue that HRT does this as well; having the ability to address hot flashes, sleep issues, vaginal dryness, and a decrease in libido. As previously mentioned, however, HRT requires a higher maintenance and effort from the patient for it to work properly. Natural menopause relief using herbal ingredients work in such a way as to provide relief by means of phytoestrogens to imitate the body’s natural estrogen. Black cohosh is one such natural remedy. It has been proven effective at relieving night sweats, depression associated with fluctuating hormone levels, hot flashes, and vaginal dryness. It can be taken twice a day in capsule or tincture form for six months without alarming side effects.

Most natural menopause relief is inexpensive

Many menopausal women have complained about how, even with medical insurance, most HRT methods cost them something in the area of two hundred and fifty dollars a month. Those without medical insurance or benefits are looking at double that amount; a staggering one considering that menopause can be quite a long journey, symptoms and all. Natural menopause relief brought by such herbs as dong quai, which is native to China, cost just around twenty dollars for a month and a half’s worth of pills or tincture. Dong quai attends to menopause cramps, osteoporosis, dizziness, anemia, insomnia, and menopause symptoms related to the nervous system.

• There are fewer risks of deadly side effects for natural menopause relief

Compared to hormone replacement therapy (HRT), natural menopause relief does not use synthetic ingredients that rob the body of its inherent ability to heal itself. Natural ingredients help ease the symptoms of menopause without being invasive and causing all sorts of cancer the way HRT is apt to do. Soy, for instance, can become part of your daily diet because it is a rich source of plant estrogens. Red clover can be brewed into teas aside from being taken in capsule form. This particular herb is great at addressing hot flashes and mood swings as it has an overall calming effect. It also contains high amounts of calcium so it helps prevent bone loss and osteoporosis; similar claims of hormone replacement therapy, but without the risk of deadly side effects.

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