Treat Your Menopause Symptoms Naturally With Healing Herbs

by Laura Ramirez on March 31, 2011

Natural herbs for menopause can provide a safe, gentle alternative to traditional hormone replacement therapy. This is good news for the thousands of women who are troubled by menopause symptoms and leery about the potential risks of undergoing HRT. With the proper approach, it is entirely possible to bring symptoms under control without subjecting your body to the harsh side effects of traditional medications.

All women experience menopause, but some have a more difficult time of it than others. Everything from vaginal dryness to mood swings to hot flashes can accompany the change in a woman’s estrogen levels. While HRT can help to balance those levels and ease symptoms, there is evidence to suggest that it also exposes women to a greater risk of developing breast cancer. Herbal menopause treatment can offer relief for menopause symptoms in a much more natural and controlled form.

For women who are experiencing menopause symptoms, eating a proper diet, getting plenty of exercise and relying on natural herbs for menopause can provide all the relief they need. Nutrition can be key to fighting symptoms as a proper diet ensures that your entire body is functioning optimally, enabling it to keep uncomfortable symptoms at bay.

There are specific dietary changes you can make to help alleviate menopause symptoms, including avoiding meat and dairy products as both of these groups actually increase the propensity for having hot flashes. Alcohol, caffeine and sugar can also trigger hot flashes so these should be avoided as much as possible. A healthy diet can be further enhanced by combining it with herbal menopause treatment.

When it comes to treating menopause symptoms, there are a number of herbs which can be particularly helpful. Natural herbs for menopause include Black Cohosh, Pasque Flower, Chaste Tree, Wild Yam, Rosemary, Gingko and Raspberry. These and other herbs work to ease muscle spasm to alleviate cramping, ease hot flashes and regulate estrogen and other hormone levels to improve overall health.

No herbal menopause treatment would be complete without Black Cohosh. This powerful herb helps ease cramping and back pain. Pasque flower calms the nervous system and supports the female reproductive system to keep it healthy. Natural herbs for menopause that contain these ingredients are effective and have no side effects.

Another herb for menopause is Gingko blob. This herbal extract has long been known to improve brain function. Ginko has been used for a number of neurological disorders and can be a powerful ally in combating the depression that often accompanies menopause. Raspberry works directly on the muscles of the uterus, which can be strained during menopause, to heal and restore proper muscle tone.

Menopause can be a difficult time for some women, but there is no reason why you have to expose yourself to potentially dangerous medical treatment in order to combat symptoms. If you are having difficulty with menopause, consider natural herbs for menopause as a solution. The remedies suggested above can help you get through mid-life transition with ease and comfort.

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