Menopause Is Not the End of Life – Just Time to Get Your Mojo On!

by Laura Ramirez on November 13, 2010

Menopause, the change or “men on pause” as Susanne Somers once jokingly called it is a rite of passage for every woman. Whether it happens prematurely, is the result of surgery or part of the natural waning of your reproductive years, you’ll want to learn more about it, what you can do to relieve the symptoms and how it can affect your energy levels, relationships and other important aspects of your life.

Mojo Menopause is written by women for women. You don’t need to join to post on our site. And of course, we also have a section for the wonderful men who are standing beside us as we go through “the change” and who may also be experiencing a hormonal decline of their own.

This site is all about getting back your mojo when the symptoms of menopause have hit and it feels like your life is falling apart. In addition to learning how to manage symptoms, you’ll learn how to embrace this phase of life with grace and dignity while remaining at the top of your game or reclaiming your independence after a lifetime of raising children and caring for others.

So what exactly is mojo and why do you need to get your mojo on? Mojo is that sense of strength that you feel when everything is going right and you feel in balance despite the frenetic pace of life. Your mojo is that surge of power and serenity that comes from being yourself and being unafraid to express yourself and make your mark in this world.

This site is about using menopause to reclaim your power and meeting other powerful sisters who are on a quest to do the same.

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