Menopause Symptoms, Vitamin D and Bone Health

by Laura Ramirez on November 5, 2011

Menopause symptoms: vitamin D is much more important than doctors once thought. In fact, vitamin D is not a vitamin at all, but an important hormone that governs functions in the body that are essential to good health, especially in post menopausal women.

For instance, did you know that vitamin D is important to bone health? It works with calcium to make the mineral easier to absorb. Calcium alone is not enough. During the spring and summer, your body can make sufficient vitamin D from daily sun exposure (about 15 minutes of continued exposure per day), but if you spend a lot of time indoors or are bed-bound, it is essential to take vitamin D in supplement form, especially during the fall and winter.

Since bone density loss can be a precursor to osteoporosis which is a painful, potentially disfiguring and disabling condition, it is a supplement that women should start taking well before menopause.

Here’s what an article published on has to say about menopause symptoms, vitamin D and the health of older women:

A healthy diet is especially important during the menopause a period in which the risk of suffering from health problems increases. Various studies analyse the diet of peri and postmenopausal women in Spain alongside the troubles that come with this transition. The results show that all of those groups studied have a deficient intake of vitamin D.

Marina Pollán, researcher at the Carlos III Institute of Health and one of the authors of the study explains that “biological and physiological changes in women caused by the menopause come with a greater risk of developing health problems in which diet plays an important role. These include diabetes, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease and certain types of cancer.”…

Vitamin D helps build bone health and also helps protect women over 40 against cardiovascular disease, various cancers (breast and cancer of the colon), obesity, hypertension, chronic pain, osteoarthritis and diabetes.

To treat menopause symptoms, vitamin D3 is essential to good health because it slows age-related decline. It’s an inexpensive supplement that has immediate and long range benefits. Since it lifts mood, it will also help you to feel better about yourself and your life. It doesn’t get much better than this.

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