Menopause Symptoms in Men – Top Seven Signs to Look For

by Laura Ramirez on August 9, 2011

Most menopause symptoms in men are often attributed to mid-life crisis. While this phenomenon occurs at roughly the same age as with women going through menopause, the period of andropause (as the medical term for it goes) is not as clearly defined as menopause. The basis of andropause is the significant decrease of testosterone levels, and unlike menopause, it involves a more gradual process.

This means that male menopause does not necessarily occur exclusively during middle age.  Other factors like obesity and poor health may contribute to early andropause. Below are the seven common menopause symptoms in men based on decreased testosterone levels, as defined by clinical studies and physical examinations.

  1. Erectile dysfunction
menopause symptoms in men

Menopause symptoms in men are real and not just part of midlife crisis.

The most important menopause symptoms in men are of a sexual nature, and erectile dysfunction is a main indicator that testosterone levels are low. It is important to get properly tested and diagnosed before jumping to the conclusion that it is andropause, though. Erectile dysfunction among older men can be expected, but other health factors such as thyroid problems, diabetes, alcoholism, and depression could be causing it, as well.  Honesty and open communication with a health specialist about your health and medical history is a must in determining if this particular symptom is indeed an indication of andropause.

  1. Difficulty in sexual arousal

Another one of the menopause symptoms in men that also occurs in the female version is decreased sex drive. Most males can have healthy sex drives well into their seventies and even beyond. However, this can also be caused by other factors as alcoholism, depression, and other health conditions. Proper diagnosis is in order in order to rule out these factors and look deeper into the possibility of male menopause.  To counteract this symptom, many men take a male enhancement supplement.

  1. Infertility

Infertility is one of the top three menopause symptoms in men signaling lowered testosterone. Though men are not expected to be infertile at a particular age, the function of the testes may gradually go through changes and cause infertility as they age. In some cases, testes that have become noticeably smaller may indicate the onset of andropause. To be sure, a series of blood testosterone level tests should be done before the correct diagnosis and recommended treatment.

  1. Pronounced increase in body fat

Weight gain caused by declining testosterone levels is one of the menopause symptoms in men that is harder to blame on andropause. This is because so many factors can cause it instead. Lack of regular exercise, an unhealthy diet and lifestyle, thyroid problems, and other medical conditions compete with the possibility of increased body fat attributed to male menopause. Exercising regularly and giving up rich, over-processed food for fiber-rich alternatives is recommended, as well as a thorough check up to be sure of what is really causing sudden weight gain.

  1. Weakened muscles

Recent studies on andropause reveal that weakened muscles can be one of the menopause symptoms in men to watch out for. Whereas certain objects are easy enough to lift before, the onset of andropause may find men unable to do this, or else have a hard time bending, kneeling, walking for more than a short distance, or stooping. Endurance in doing physical activities is conspicuously not like before even without the presence of ailments. To rule out osteoporosis or other bone and muscle disorders though, a thorough check up must be done.

  1. Fatigue and lack of energy

Some of the most common physical changes manifested as menopause symptoms in men include overall fatigue and lack of energy even with a full night’s sleep. Low testosterone levels can be responsible for this, but an unhealthy lifestyle can also greatly contribute to it. As well, changes in sleeping patterns can be felt, with occasional insomnia or feeling sleepy at certain times of the day.

  1. Depression

Aside from physical manifestations, menopause symptoms in men can include depression, difficulty in concentrating, and other psychological signs. Feelings of worthlessness and helplessness are all too often attributed to the consequences of retirement age, but it is worth getting a thorough blood testosterone level test to see if remedies can be prescribed to combat these.

Treating male menopause usually involves supplementing with over-the-counter testosterone cream or taking shots. Many men are also reporting success by taking supplemental human growth hormone which increases testosterone levels and can also reverse some of the symptoms of aging.

Please feel free to share your symptoms, stories and advice below. Help make this site a resource for men and women around the world.

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