Menopause Symptoms: Exhaustion & The Antidote

by Laura Ramirez on November 12, 2011

Menopause symptoms – exhaustion may be at the top of your list of symptoms and the solution, may be surprising to you because it may seem counterintuitive to the problem. The hard part about exhaustion is that the other symptoms of menopause may compound it. For instance night sweats can disrupt your sleep at night, causing you to wake up in a pool of sweat and then be chilled as your body attempts to cool itself.

If depression is one of your symptoms, this also compounds your feelings of exhaustion both mentally and physically. If you’re dealing with a sense of hopelessness, this does not increase your energy.

If you’re moody, then the kind of energy that emotional highs and lows extract during the conflict and later when reflecting on its aftermath, can leave you feeling even lower.

If this sounds depressing, it’s because it is. But there is a solution: exercise.

It is counterintuitive though because the last thing you want to do when you’re feeling exhausted and totally depleted of energy is to exercise.

Here’s an excerpt from an article on how exercise can relieve menopause symptoms, exhaustion, lift mood and provide other important benefits:

A lack of exercising is one of the key reasons behind obesity but for menopausal women it causes many other issues. Irregular periods, inadequate sleep, heart issues, and depression can all be the results of a lack of exercise.

One of the problems that many women suffer during menopause is osteoporosis, as a consequence of lost bone mass. Regular exercise can certainly help in preventing this.

There are lots of beneficial effects that result from exercise. At it’s most basic level it can lead you to feel more healthy and stronger, and it can also lead you to feel more relaxed and often, feeling better.

When people think about exercise they regularly think of serious work-outs at the local gymnasium, which can frequently put them off doing any exercise at all! But exercise does not have to be that way at all. It can take many different forms, such as going for a stroll, a cycle ride, swimming, or dancing. Exercising is really anything that gets you moving and increases your heart rate and breathing.

Another common symptom of menopause is mood fluctuations. Exercise can help here also as it causes endorphins to be released. These are hormones that are responsible for making us feel contented. And the good news is this favourable effect lasts well beyond the end of the exercise session.…/7821-how-exercise-during-menop…

menopause symptoms exhaustion

Menopause symptoms: exhaustion, depression, outlook, hot flashes and weight gain can be relieved by exercises like yoga.

The key to starting to exercise and making it part of your daily routine is to understand that it does not have to involve copious sweating and hurling around heavy weights at the gym, nor does it have to involve running marathons.

My recommendation is to start with a form of exercise that you enjoy. For instance, as I’m writing this article, I am walking slowly on my treadmill in my pajamas (I have modified my treadmill to make it into a treadmill desk and often walk while I work). I also do yoga because I enjoy stretching and increasing my core strength and balance as well as my level of awareness. It is a meditative exercise that has many important benefits beyond yoga itself. Occasionally, I also do pilates.

I am also known to put on inspiring music and dance sensually throughout the house. Of course, I do this exercise when no one else is around because I live with my husband and teenage boys, but it is a practice that brings me joy, reminds me of the sensuality of movement and allows me to express myself creatively through my body because it is unstructured and no one is leading me or telling me what to do.

It’s essential to realize that your body was designed for movement. To move is to be alive. To move regularly is to enliven your body, relieve stress and the symptoms that come with inactivity. The key is to get moving in small ways that you enjoy. As you revel in movement and start to feel better energetically, emotionally, physicallly, mentally and even spiritually, who knows, you may be inspired to work out harder or even challenge yourself to a goal as big as running a marathon.

Leave your comments on how your menopause symptoms, exhaustion, mood and outlook have been relieved by starting to exercise. By doing so you are paying it forward and inspiring women who are starting to realize that they need to move more in order to feel better about their lives.

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