Menopause Symptoms: Dry Eyes

by Laura Ramirez on October 25, 2011

With regard to menopause symptoms, dry eyes don’t seem be as serious as symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, and mood disorders. However, this particular symptom affects as much as sixty percent of menopausal women all over the world. It is often overlooked because failing eyesight and eye problems are typically attributed to aging. At the onset of menopause, hormonal fluctuations are the culprit behind the dry-eye syndrome particularly among women.

Decreased tear production is linked to the cessation of menstruation, and it can cause serious visual impairment when left unchecked. Dry eyes especially affect women who are on hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

The good thing is that there are natural, safe, and affordable ways to combat eye-related menopause symptoms, dry eyes being the main concern. When women reach the age of forty to forty-five, the tendency to focus more on something they are reading or watching can lead to eye strain. Look for ingredients like euphrasia, agrimony and calendula which keep eyes healthy, clean and moist.

In addition to taking a remedy, make some minor changes at home, such as providing proper and ample lighting for reading, watching television, working on the computer, and doing tasks that require close attention. Do not attempt to read, sew, cook, and fix things in dim light. Our favorite reading lamp for those who have difficulty reading in low light is inexpensive too—Sunlight Desk Lamp Natural Full Spectrum Sun Light. Simulates Daylight. 150Watt Output uses 27 Watts. Touch On/Off Switch.

This particular lamp doesn’t create a glare and has enough contrast for you to focus on the task at hand. Remember to give your eyes a break from working on the computer or reading every now and then. Working for eight straight hours can definitely affect your vision and make your eyes dry. Close your eyes for a couple of minutes to give them a rest.

menopause symptoms dry eyes

Menopause symptoms: dry eyes can be alleviated with certain remedies and by making easy lifestyle changes.

A healthy lifestyle and diet can also help plenty in keeping visually affecting menopause symptoms, dry eyes, and strain from bothering you. If you are a smoker and have ever gotten smoke in your eyes, you know how dry and painful it felt. Cut down on or quit smoking altogether for your vision’s sake.

If you wear contact lenses, never forget to lubricate and take them off before prolonged sleep, as they can not only dry out your eyes but also scratch the cornea and give way to infections. Minimize the use of eye makeup such as mascara and eye shadow as they can contribute to eye dryness. Consider reading glasses when you find yourself straining to read things up close, but are otherwise fine with other tasks.

Add white tuna and walnuts to your regular diet. Cut down on dairy, greasy food, and too much meat.

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