Menopause Symptoms and Myths About The Change of Life

by Laura Ramirez on July 28, 2011

Menopause symptoms signal that a woman’s body is changing. This means that the life she’s known since she first started menstruating will never be quite the same, but it’s a whole new phase of her existence that brings with it many benefits even though as a society, we tend to focus on the symptoms.

Women first enter peri menopause which is the precursor to “the change.” Peri menopause is signaled by hormone levels (estrogen, progesterone and testosterone) declining slowly over time. Women may start to experience heart palpitations (particularly at night), emotional ups and downs, hot flashes, night sweats, fatigue, anxiety, frustration and depression.

Menopause. Just that one word alone can strike trepidation into the hearts of the most stalwart women. Menopause is that fork in the road of life of every woman that, when it occurs, changes her life she has known since puberty.ᅠ

Menopauseᅠsymptoms can strike a women at almost anytime beyond the age of 30 but on average occurs any time from about 40 to 59. Often times many women find that they begin menopause at about the age their mothers did but this is not a hard and fast rule.…

Although most women start going through the change between the ages of 40-55, some women start in their thirties. This is a relatively new phenomena that has left many physicians puzzled. Having menopause symptoms in your 30’s means that you’ve had a very short reproductive life. The other reason that women have early onset menopause is because they have had cancer treatment that shuts down their ovaries or surgery on their reproductive organs. When this happens, a woman goes into full blown menopause, skipping perimenopause completely.

Although many women fear that early menopause may be a sign that their life has been shortened (and this is exactly what I feared when I went through premature menopause at the age of 39), there are many treatments available that can prevent age-related decline. When I say “age-related decline,” I’m referring to age in terms of hormone levels because female hormones protect the body in many ways. But early menopause or menopause symptoms during the years when women typically go through “the change” are not a death sentence because there are treatments: creams, herbal supplements and hormone replacement therapy (synthetic and bioidentical) that can boost and maintain hormonal levels in a woman’s system for the rest of her life. ᅠ

Tell us about your menopause symptoms and the treatments that you’ve found to be effective.


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