Menopause Symptoms and Depression

by Laura Ramirez on November 9, 2011

Menopause symptoms and depression – are women who suffer from post partum depression more likely to suffer from the same symptoms during menopause? Although I know of no clinical studies done on this subject, it certainly makes sense since the hormonal imbalance after the birth of a baby may mimic the same conditions as a woman goes through the change of life.
U.K. based actress, Denise Welch, whose bouts with depression nearly drove her to the brink, said that it was the depression that came as the first sign that she was going through the menopause. This ultimately saved her life because she was driven to get help. The emotional balance that she has now achieved has helped stop her habit of self-medicating to the point of getting drunk.
In an article that appeared on, here’s what she says:

I think the hormone treatment masked the symptoms of the menopause but at the same time it finally conquered my depression. “If the menopause hadn’t triggered another bout of depression I may never have gone to see Professor Studd,  who transformed me.

So you could say that the menopause saved my life. Incredibly, it has been the best thing that ever happened to me.

As someone with clinical depression, I’m always nervous about saying I’m ‘happy’ – just in case I suddenly have a panic attack and it all goes wrong again.

“I can honestly say that in the past few weeks I have felt a very obvious shift in my mood. But for the first time in 23 years I am not scared of my depression any more. I’ve had my longest stint without an attack – 16 months now.

I will always talk about myself as someone who suffers from mental illness, not someone who DID suffer, but the menopause seems to have righted the hormonal imbalance that had set it all off after Matthew was born.

menopause symptoms and depression

Women who suffer menopause symptoms and depression may have also suffered from post partum depression after the birth of their children.

When Professor Studd looked at the results of Welch’s hormone tests, he noticed that she had very low estrogen.

By taking estrogen with a low dose anti-depressant as prescribed, Welch has a new lease on life. Taking the estrogen has also reduced other symptoms of menopause so that Welch is enjoying a relatively easy transition, especially with her positive new outlook on life.

What do you think about the hormonal association between menopause symptoms and depression and post partum depression? If you’re struggling with depression right now, did you also have issues with post partum depression? If you are taking estrogen, has it helped.


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