Menopause Symptoms After Hysterectomy

by Laura Ramirez on July 11, 2011

Menopause symptoms after hysterectomy can send you into a tailspin. Unlike the slow, progressive decline of estrogen and progesterone that occurs when a women goes through menopause, the effects of sugical menopause is like hitting a brick wall. All of a sudden you’re having hot flashes, night sweats, you can’t sleep at night, you’re moody and have absolutely no desire for sex. What’s a woman to do?

The anwer used to be hormone replacement therapy (also called HRT). Although this does decrease some symptoms in women, synthetic hormones were linked with a dramatic rise in breast cancer and cancer of the female reproductive system. Obviously, this link led to countless women refusing to take their medication.ᅠ

Fortunately, today, there is an answer: bioidentical hormones. This treatment is tailored to your specific needs and hormone profile and can reverse the symptoms of meonpause.ᅠ

Anti-Aging Medicine – Hormone Replacement Therapy. Patented Chemical Synthetic Hormones vs Bio-Identical Hormones.

The terms “Natural” and “Bio-identical” refers to hormones that are exact copies of youthful human hormones. They can be made from any source and can be nearly indistinguishable from human hormones, and function in the exact same way.

menopause symptoms after hysterectomy

Menopause symptoms after hysterectomy: bioidenticals can help

Natural hormones are compounded by pharmacists, and are customized for a patient’s individual needs. This is determined by testing hormone levels, and only with a doctor’s prescription.

Simply put, Bio-Identical Hormonal Replacement can be a safer, healthier, more effective way for many men and women to replace their lost hormones than using the traditional synthetic chemical treatment….…/hormone-replacement-therapy/

Some of the benefits of bioidentical hormones include reduction in menopause symptoms after hysterectomy like hot flashes, night sweats, fatigue, depression, mood swings as well as increased longevity, vitality, libido and overall health. This is because the right balance of natural hormones give us energy, elevate mood and create healthy bones, heart and brain.

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What has helped you in terms with managing menopause symptoms after hysterectomy? Please add your comments and stories below.

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