Menopause Symptoms Acne – What Causes It & How to Treat It

by Laura Ramirez on August 9, 2011

Of all the menopause symptoms, acne is perhaps the most destructive to a women’s ego. First of all, you can’t hide it: it’s right there, front and center on your face, for all the world to see. Even if you try to cover it up with makeup, it’s still obvious. Second, there’s something about pimples that conjures up that old adolescent angst and insecurity leftover from your high school days.

For some menopausal women, acne is a frustrating reality. The most common places for it to appear are on around your mouth, on your chin, chest and back. What causes it? The same issue that causes acne in teenagers: excess oil, called sebum by dermatologists. So what causes excess oil in a woman whose skin has been flawless since her twenties: changes in hormone levels, which is what menopause is all about.
Some women sail through menopause without any symptoms at all. At least that’s what the studies say. I have yet to meet any of those women. Most of the women I know find themselves battling at least one troubling symptom – whether it’s hot flashes,
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menopause symptoms acne

Menopause symptoms: acne can be frustrating for mature women.

What can you do about menopausal acne? The first thing that you can do is wait it out. As your hormone levels normalize, your sebum production will drop off and your skin will return to normal.

Another thing to do is ask your doctor about side effects from any medications that you are taking, since some meds can actually cause pimples.

You can also try different topical skin products to minimize the oil. And of course, one of the most important things that you can do is to keep your skin clean with some type of morning and evening cleansing ritual. Make sure to apply your toner and moisturizer afterward.

Is one of your menopause symptoms acne? If so, what have you tried that has or hasn’t worked? Please share your tips, comments and stories.

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