Menopause Night Sweats (How to Treat It the Natural Way)

by Laura Ramirez on May 5, 2011

Menopause Night Sweats

Menopause night sweats have been called the nocturnal twin of hot flashes, and with good reason. Both can be very uncomfortable for a menopausal woman at any given time. Both are also considered the most common symptoms of menopause, with about 75% of menopausal women experiencing them.
The proper medical term for it is sleep hyperhidrosis, and it’s a symptom that can range from tolerable to downright disruptive. This phenomenon is usually accompanied by an irregular heartbeat, sudden body heat, nausea, chills, and headaches. What makes menopause night sweats unique, however, is how it can trigger other menopause-related symptoms like irritability, mood swings, and decline in sex drive. Imagine waking up at night because of excessive sweating to perspiration-soaked sheets and clothes, which in turn can cause chills and fatigue. Not a comfortable picture at all.
It’s a good thing that there are now tried-and-tested ways to beat menopause night sweats without having to resort to risky and expensive hormone replacement therapy (HRT). As extra good news: these methods can also help alleviate hot flashes, since they pretty much have the same cause and triggers. Below are some examples of alternative natural remedies for you to consider.
Making certain lifestyle changes. Relief from menopause night sweats has to come from destroying or changing patterns and habits that trigger them. For instance, if you have a wardrobe filled with clothes made of synthetic fabric, it’s time to invest in cotton wear and other natural and breathable fibers. As for food, it’s time to cut back on spicy, fat, over-processed, or hot fare because they take some time to break down and will just contribute to body heat. Go for light and high-fiber meals like salads, brown rice, cereals, or whole wheat bread which can be digested easily. Drink more water than soda or alcoholic beverages. Cut down or avoid caffeine altogether. It may take some effort and getting used to, but it can significantly reduce the incidence of night sweats significantly.
Place menopause night sweat relief tools within reach. While this may sound overly simplistic, many a menopausal woman has sworn by the efficacy of a portable fan or a cold compress sitting on their bedside tables just an arm’s length away. If you feel cold when going to bed, get in the habit of wearing layered night clothes which are easy to take off once you feel menopause night sweats coming on. Getting a mini-fridge filled with cold water, non-carbonated drinks, or juices is also a wise investment. Nothing spells instant relief than a liter of cold water you can simply grab and chug down. And you can also keep a cold compress in the fridge which you can apply at the onset of night sweating.
Try natural alternative remedies. As previously mentioned, HRT is a risky synthetic solution to relieving symptoms like menopause night sweats and hot flashes. There has been a recent interest in prepared menopause supplements and vitamins containing all-natural ingredients now available in the market. If you’re interested in trying them out, it’s best to go for ones that have phytoestrogenic herbs in the ingredients list. These help address hormonal imbalance which causes most symptoms like menopause night sweats. Some of the most effective examples are black cohosh, which helps to soothe nerves and provides overall relaxation of the body, and pasque flower for its mild sedative effect. Also go for soy-based supplements and food because soy has been discovered to contain hormones similar to estrogen.

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