Menopause Hot Flashes – How to Beat the Heat

by Laura Ramirez on January 5, 2011

During menopause, hot flashes are hands down the most common symptom bemoaned by women. About a third of a woman’s life is given over to menopause, so it’s best that you learn how to deal with hot flashes and other traditional menopausal symptoms in order to live this stage of your life to the fullest.

Menopause hot flashes usually start with a sudden intense heat radiating from your chest and then spreading to your neck, face, and entire head, making you look flushed. Afterwards, you may perspire and then feel chilled. A hot flash can last a couple of minutes, but the experience may vary with every menopausal woman. Fortunately, dealing with them can be done by almost everyone without having to resort to expensive hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

One of the best ways to combat the onslaught of menopause hot flashes is to exercise regularly. You don’t necessarily have to enroll in a gym. Instead, go for a doable thirty minute cardio activity you’ve always been performing your whole life, such as walking, cycling, jumping rope, or swimming. Aside from giving you better circulation and overall improved health, exercise creates endorphins, which provides a sense of well-being and helps you deal with hot flashes as well as menopausal mood swings. Aerobics, yoga, and other stretching exercise routines that promote flexibility and muscle strengthening are also beneficial because they improve your diaphragmatic breathing and make you feel more relaxed and stress-free.

Drink plenty of water or cold fresh fruit juice at all times, but most especially when you’re done exercising. This will help you keep your body temperature down, and menopause hot flashes at bay. While you’re at it, avoid too much caffeine and alcohol intake as those are sure-fire ways to trigger hot flashes.

As for your diet, add more fiber and soy in your daily consumption. Whole grains cereal, whole wheat bread, brown rice, and soy-based foodstuff like tofu, miso soup, soy milk, and others can aid in keeping menopause hot flashes under control. Some health professional dispute the value of soy, so trust the signals from your own body.

Significantly cut back on fatty and sodium-laced fare. Research reveals that menopausal Asian women have fewer incidences of hot flashes because of the presence of phytoestrogen-rich soy in their regular diet, as compared to their Western counterparts. Likewise, a low-fat, high-fiber diet aids greatly in encouraging normal estrogen production.

During summer and days when it’s especially warm, wear cool and light fabrics and carry a fan with you always. Cotton clothes are best because they allow your skin to breathe. Invest in one of those battery-powered hand-held fans for the sake of menopause hot flashes, because fanning yourself might just sap you of energy.

If you’re considering taking supplements to combat menopause hot flashes, go for ones with proven natural ingredients and no side effects. For instance, prepared supplements (in capsule or tincture form) with black cohosh as main ingredient are now available in the market for menopausal women. Black cohosh has become popular for its efficacy in providing relief for menopause hot flashes, night sweating, anxiety, and headaches.

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