Menopause Depression Symptoms – What Causes The Blues and How to Treat It

by Laura Ramirez on August 12, 2011

Menopause depression symptoms can include feeling anxious, panicked, overwhelmed, sad, apathetic, hopeless as well as an impending sense of doom. The emotions can run the gamut and include all the feelings listed above as well as a total lack of feelings which is a big indicator of depression. Scientists have attributed these fluctuations to changing levels of serotonin cause by low estrogen in menopause.ᅠ

Compound mood swings with other menopause symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain, loss of sex drive, sleep disturbance and more and you have a prescription for emotional disaster. During menopause, women are hit by a double whammy—abrupt changes to their bodies and abrupt changes in their brains.

The drop in estrogen is also the reason for the mood swings during the menopause transition. During perimenopause they can be especially nasty because of the widely and frequently fluctuating estrogen levels.

Estrogen regulatesᅠserotonin, a key neurotransmitter that regulates your mood. When estrogen levels drop, serotonin levels drop as well which causes feelings of sadness, gloom and doom.

Take these hormonal changes and the other things that are going on in your life during menopause and it is little wonder that a lot of times you don’t know if you are coming or going.

menopause depression symptoms

Menopause depression symptoms can be reversed by using supplemental estrogen.

One way to alleviate the mood swings of menopause is to supplement with estrogen. You can use an over the counter estrogen cream, gels, patches, troches or even pellets implanted under the skin. Since mood swings can start in peri menopause, it is important to watch for the warning signs and be aware that wide variations in mood and sudden spurts of intense anger are just not normal or conducive to mental health or a happy home and work life.ᅠ

Since chronically low estrogen over an extended period of time has been linked to the death of estrogen receptors in the brain or in the very least, decreased sensitivity of existing receptors, it is crucial to start estrogen hormone therapy early. For some women, this means not waiting until they are in full blown menopause. An easy way to supplement is to use Source Naturals Phyto-Estrogen Cream, 4 oz

Which menopause depression symptoms have been most challenging for you to deal with and how have you treated them? Share your tips and stories with other women.

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