Menopause and Health – 7 Steps to Vibrant Health for Post Menopausal Women

by Laura Ramirez on August 1, 2011

Menopause and Health – What should women do to reduce menopause symptoms and create healthy habits that will help them to stay vibrantly healthy well into old age? In her book, Breakthrough, actress and self-appointed women’s hormone health advisor, Suzanne Somers offers some excellent, common sense advice. Although Suzanne has been roundly criticized because she dispenses medical advice and is not a doctor, I believe that she does her research and walks her talk. After all, she’s used what she knows to beat breast cancer and take charge of her own health. She also happens to look fabulous even though she’s in her sixties.  Kudos to you, Suzanne.

As always, consider the advice in this article to be a starting point for your own discovery of what works for you and be sure to consult with your doctor, particularly if you already have health issues. That said, here’s what Ms. Somers advises. First and foremost, get on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (bHRT) to replace hormones (including estrogen, progesterone and testosterone – yes, women need this too) that decline due to aging. Bioidenticals are exactly the same chemically as hormones produced by your own body and are completely natural because they are derived from plant sources. Somers also recommends that you use this therapy if you are in peri menopause which she says can prevent menopause symptoms completely if done in a way that mimics your body’s natural rise and fall of hormones during your monthly cycle.

For men, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is also indicated. A Harvard study showed that increased testosterone does not increase a man’s chance of getting prostate cancer as was previously reported. Also, an important consideration in helping to determine if they want to use bHRT for male menopause is that studies have found that  men with the highest levels of testosterone live the longest lives. The best way to start a man back on the road to health is to buy him some testosterone cream for men. Have him rub a quarter teaspoon into his upper arm daily.

Next, Somers advises taking supplements. Although she takes quite a handful of daily supplements herself, she knows this isn’t for everyone. After polling a number of top doctors in the field of women’s health, specifically menopause and health, Somers says that if you only take three supplements, they should be KAL Ultra Omega 3-6-9 1200 Mg 1200 MG – 100 Softgels – Other Essential Fatty Acids which prevent cancer and promote heart and brain health, antioxidants (which also protect against cancer) and M.D. Select Advanced Ubiquinol Co Q 10 100 MG – 60 Softgels – CoQ-10 / Ubiquinol which is excellent for the heart.

If you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep as many post menopausal women do, supplement with 
Source Naturals Melatonin Timed Release 3 MG – 240 Tablets
, a natural, over the counter hormone that regulates the sleep cycle. I recommend the timed release formula because it will help you stay asleep during the night. Just take one tablet about 30 minutes to an hour before going to sleep. Restoring your sleep is essential to health and longevity and preventing disease.

If you’ve had an unusual  amount of stress during your lifetime and you suspect that your adrenal function has been compromised, you should get tested. You can supplement with cortisol bioidentical hormones which will lower your cortisol levels and also regulate your sleep, waking and energy cycles.

It goes without saying that menopause and health requires taking a hard look at your diet. Ever the comedienne, Somers says that if you can’t pick it, pluck or shoot it, don’t eat it.

Finally, avoid pharmaceuticals if possible. Also avoid unnecessary chemicals in processed foods. Suzanne Somers says that the chemicals in diet coke, for instance, actually kill your brain cells up for up to six hours after drinking it. Substitute diet drinks with water flavored with lemon and a pinch of sea salt. This way, you’ll hydrate your body (instead of dehydrating it and amping it up) while giving it much-needed minerals from the lemon and the salt.


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