Menopausal Symptoms – Hormone Patch Safer than Pills?

by Laura Ramirez on September 2, 2011

Menopausal symptoms can be controlled in a variety of ways. There are natural remedies, hormone pills, creams, gels, troches that dissolve under the tongue and now an estradiol hormone patch (estradiol is the metabolically active form of estrogen).

Recently, a number of studies have revealed that natural methods such as taking soy or black cohosh do nothing to relieve hot flashes. Also since the results of the 2002 Women’s Health Initiative study showing that taking synthetic hormones in pill form increased the chance of heart attack breast cancer, blood clots and stroke have been debunked, more and more women are turning to synthetic hormones just as their mothers did before them.

Now a new study shows that using a hormone patch may be safer and more effective than other forms of hormone replacement therapy. Here’s an excerpt from an article on the study’s findings:


The study, of 54,000 women who used hormone replacement therapy (HRT), found that those who used estrogen patches were one-third less likely to develop blood clots in the legs or lungs.

That was in comparison to women who used estrogen-only pills. Past studies have found that hormone-patch users have a lower blood clot risk than women who take oral HRT containing both estrogen and progesterone.

Analysis Group, Inc. conducted the study with funding from Novartis Pharmaceuticals, a maker of hormone therapy patches.

Researchers think hormone patches may be less risky than pills because of the way they work. Unlike oral hormones, those delivered via skin patch bypass the liver, and may not boost clot-promoting proteins in the blood.


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menopausal symptoms

Menopausal symptoms can be relieved safely in a variety of ways.

The goal is not to wear a hormone patch for the remainder of your life, but only as long as you need it to control symptoms.

As a menopausal woman myself, I am currently using over the counter creams such as estrogen to control my symptoms. I do have a number of friends who are using the patch. In fact, it’s kind of funny because they joke about their life “before the patch” and their life after because it’s made such a difference in terms of the relief of menopausal symptoms, particularly their hot flashes and mood swings.

Are you using the hormone patch for treatment of menopausal symptoms? If so, please share how it’s working to relieve your menopause symptoms. If you can, please tell us specifically which symptoms it has relieved, especially those that were impacting your life in a negative way. ᅠLet’s help other women make informed decisions about caring for themselves during and after menopause.

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