Male Menopause Symptoms and How To Treat Them

by Laura Ramirez on August 5, 2011

Male menopause symptoms are starting to receive the attention that they deserve. As a woman who has gone through menopause and suffered all the symptoms, I was quick to notice when my husband had symptoms that seemed to indicate that he was “getting hormonal” … which was how we laughingly referred to it in our family at first.

Of course, male menopause or andropause is no joke. Men suffer with real symptoms that can affect their quality of life, accelerate the aging process and even destroy a good marriage. In our case, what I noticed first about my husband was that he seemed like he was always on edge. He was easily irritated, moody, panicked, negative and a few times, his anger transformed into rage that was rather frightening since I’d never really seen him act this way before. He seemed to have little patience and overall, seemed quite depressed. The other symptoms that he had were hot flashes. He would sweat so bad that he would soak his clothes and we quite literally had to peel them off him. Once he was soaked to the skin, of course, he would get chilled and complain about being cold.

At times, I would try to make him laugh and tease him about male menopause. I’d tell him that he was making the transition to his next life as a woman. At first, he would laugh at this joke because he’s always had a good sense of humor, but as his symptoms increased, he didn’t find it funny anymore. That’s when I got serious and told him that I thought that his testosterone levels might be low and that he should get tested next time he went to his doctor.

When we went to his cardiologist, I brought up the subject. He was tested and lo and behold, his testosterone levels were low.

If your partner is taking longer to recover from illness or injury than he has in the past, male menopause could be the cause. While this could be a symptom of other conditions, or just mean the ageing process is taking hold, it could also signify other changes are taking place in his body.

Nervousness and irritability are other signs of menopause. This is a more common symptom, but should not be overlooked.

The decrease or complete loss of sexual desire and enjoyment may also indicate menopause has arrived. There are medications that can help with this, but they may not be effective if menopause is the culprit.

A loss of interest in activities and a loss of self-confidence could also be signs of male menopause. These feelings should be discussed with a physician or psychologist as they could very strongly suggest depression.

male menopause symptoms

Male menopause symptoms can make you feel like you have no energy.

Other symptoms of male menopause include loss of muscle mass, increase in body fat, anxiety, worrying, indecisiveness, and sleep disturbances. If you are in the age range of 45-60+, you may be going through midlife transition and need hormone replacement therapy in order to feel better and stave off age-related decline cause by low testosterone.

So now that you know more about male menopause symptoms and are beginning to take it seriously, how do you treat i? Although it’s best to consult a doctor to have testosterone levels checked, you can also do this at home with a saliva test kit. You simply collect your saliva in a vial and send it into a lab and the lab will send you the results with a report about whether your levels are low.

Many men are supplementing their testosterone levels with an over the counter testosterone cream by simply applying about 1/2 tsp of cream to their upper arm daily. There are also testesterone patches and pellets that can be implanted under the skin.

Still other men are taking HGH releasers like Provacyl that increase the amount of HGH levels in the body, which boosts production of testosterone. I have my husband taking both of these and the improvements have been nothing short of miraculous.

The key here is to find what works for you and to realize that hormonal support can help alleviate the symptoms of male menopause and help you feel like yourself again. And believe me, when you’re feeling like your old self, your family will heave a big sigh of relief.

Share your list of male menopause symptoms below so other men may recognize themselves in your symptoms. Let’s get a conversation going.

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