Is Menopause a Disease or An Opportunity to Fully Become Yourself as a Woman?

by Laura Ramirez on July 13, 2011

Is menopause a disease? Absolutely not. It is a normal transition in a women’s life that paves the way for physiological, psychological and spiritual transformation. Yes, there are the dreaded menopausal symptoms but symptoms can be alleviated in a variety of ways. Like a caterpillar that changes itself into a butterfly inside a chrysalis, transformation can be slow and sometimes, even painful. But what you end up with is a butterfly, a lovely, winged creature that bares little resemblance to the caterpillar it once was.

By Jo Willey MENOPAUSE should not be seen as a medical problem that needs curing, an expert says. For many women symptoms such as the dreaded hot flushes and mood swings can last for up to a decade. “When a woman reaches her 50s, she will undergo immense changes. She has to face the death of fertility, the loss of her youth and to accept that she is no longer able to attract the attention she once did.”ᅠBut psychotherapist Sue Brayne says that no matter
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is menopause a disease

Is menopause a disease? Absolutely not!

If your husband and family have you wondering is menopause a disease, then you’ve been sent a not-so-subtle message that there’s something wrong with you as an evolving being. While it’s doubtful that your family means you harm, they have been programmed by society that wants women to remain keepers of hearth and home, rather than stewards of their own spirits. Just as we were once made to feel that being on our periods was somehow something to be ashamed of, we are forced to suffer through menopause in silence, focusing solely on our symptoms, rather than celebrating midlife transition for what it really is—the birth into the next stage of our consciousness.

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