How to Balance Female Hormones by Avoiding Certain Foods

by Laura Ramirez on July 15, 2011

How to balance female hormonesᅠby eating certain foods and avoiding others is useful at any stage of life, but especially during menopause. It is widely known that eating foods that contain phytoestrogens and isoflavones is good for you, but what about the foods that are better to avoid?

It doesn’t take much imagination to realize that the foods to stay away from are manufactured foods, rather than food that comes directly from Mother Earth. These foods contain chemical additives and byproducts that can cause weight gain, mood swings, and block the absorption of vital nutrients.

There was a time when “fruit flavored” and “cheese flavored” meant “made with real fruit” and “made with real cheese.” Today? It’s artificial everything. Most of the food at your local supermarket is no more authentic than Snooki’s tan. Our fruit comes packaged in Loops, our cheese delivered via Whiz. Sure, it’s edible, but there’s no way your great grandparents would recognize this junk as food.ᅠThe problem with additives runs deep. The FDA currently maintains a list of ingredients called Everything Added to Food in the United States (EAFUS), which features more than 3,000 items and counting. Thankfully, most EAFUS ingredients are benign, but a few of them do have potentially harmful effects.ᅠ…/top-10-scariest-food…

how to balance female hormones

How to balance female hormones: natural food is best.

So what are the top three food additives to avoid? According to the book, Eat This Not Thatᅠyou want to stay away from Olestra, Saccharin and caramel coloring to start. In fact, the best advice is to just stay away from manufactured junk food altogether, but the authors realize that sometimes, you’re in a hurry or just gotta get your fix and so they suggest healthier alternatives to the foods containing these ingredients.

What makes these food additives so scary? Olestra which is found in light potato chips like Lay’s and Pringles, can cause loose stools and blocks the absorption of lycopene and beta-carotene, two vital nutrients. Saccharin which is an artificial sugar-substitute which is in Sweet-N-Low and diet sodas, was found to cause weight gain in lab rats—the opposite effect of what the manufacturer touted as its primary benefit.

The third ingredient to avoid is caramel coloring which you’ll find primarily in sodas. Caramel coloring is often made by mixing ammonia with certain sugars which gives rise to chemicals that have been associated with causing cancer in mice.ᅠ

Avoiding these ingredients may also help reduce the symptoms of menopause which can be exacerbated by food additives that the body does not know what to do with.

What do you think about this article on how to balance female hormones by avoiding certain foods? Have you noticed a difference in how you feel hormonally after cutting out junk food? Please share your thoughts below.

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