Hormone Treatment for Menopause: Are Bioidenticals Safe?

by Laura Ramirez on August 15, 2011

Hormone treatment for menopause: while bioidentical hormone replacement therapy has been touted as a safe, natural alternative to synthetic hormone therapy, the question that begs answering is: is any hormone treatment therapy really safe? Although celebrities like Suzanne Somers and Oprah Winfrey rave about this treatment, some doctors question its effectiveness and safety.

In fact a recent study showed an association between the use of bioidentical hormones and uterine cancer in women. This association is similar to the Women’s Health Initiative that linked Premarin to breast cancer back in 2002. Bioidentical hormones became an answer for women who were frightened by the risks and no longer wanted to take synthetic hormones that were made from horse urine. (By the way, the results of the 2002 WHI study have been largely debunked because most of the women studied had gone through menopause ten or more years earlier and due to their age, could have been more prone to cancer.)ᅠ

Here’s what Australian doctors have to say about bioidenticals:

Many doctors argue natural HRT, also known as bioidentical HRT, is untested, not approved by the TGA and may lead to uterine cancer.

”They make it sound like it’s the best thing since sliced bread because they use words like natural and say it’s adjusted to suit your body,” said University of NSW endocrinologist Associate Professor John Eden.

”It all sounds really good. But the bottom line is there is no quality control, there are no safety studies and there is no testing of any sort.”

The Australasian Menopause Society is scathing of natural HRT saying it is ”no more safe than any other prescribed hormone therapy”.

One doctor went so far as to call bioidentical treatment a scandal and say that it can make women sick, mainly because it’s not regulated in Australia. He also stated that the claim that they can determine how much of each level of a hormone a women needs is “… balderdash.” So what was once touted as a fountain of youth may be ineffective for some and risky for others.ᅠ

Is this just another attempt to part baby boomers from their money with promises of a regained youth? Or is this another example of a study that will be dunked in the near future? Bioidentical hormones have been around now for about twenty years. An alternative to hormone therapy is to use an herbal remedy formulated to relieve menopausal symptoms.

What do you think about using bioidentical hormone therapy for menopause? Do you plan to discuss the details of this study with your doctor?ᅠ

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