Help with Menopause Symptoms – Natural & Prescription Solutions That Work

by Laura Ramirez on August 18, 2011

Need help with menopause symptoms? What is the truth about all the different treatments out there? Read this article to find out.

If you’re suffering with unbearable hot flashes, night sweats, depression, irritability, weight gain or any of the other symptoms of menopause, you don’t want to mess around, trying a bunch of different treatments until you finally find something that works. You want relief now. I know because I suffered through menopause and my life, relationships, health and sleep were so disrupted by the change that it felt like my world and everything that I knew was crashing down around me.

Since the baby boomers are getting older and as many as 5000 women start menopause each day, scientists are looking for effective solutions. As time goes on, new studies are published and old research is debunked. So what is the skinny on menopause treatments … what actually works?

The first thing that you should do is choose whether to go the natural route: with herbal remedies, creams, gels, diet or bioidentical hormone therapy (this uses natural hormones made from plants to balance your hormone levels and reduce symptoms) or the medical route which means synthetic hormone replacement therapy in the form of patches, pills or pellets implanted beneath the skin.

Here’s what one researcher has to say about the difference between using natural or synthetic treatments for menopause:

help with menopause symptoms

Need help with menopause symptoms? There are many prescription and natural treatments that relieve symptoms.

For many years, the answer to this problem was to give hormones to replace those no longer produced by the body. After studies showed hormone replacement caused more breast cancer, strokes and heart disease, many women decided not to take the prescriptions any longer. Women have been searching for an answer to the uncomfortable symptoms of menopause ever since.

Many herbal remedies have been suggested, and now we have some scientific studies to help verify the effectiveness of these alternatives.

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So first let’s discuss natural treatments for menopause. Recently, there have been numerous studies published about what does and doesn’t work. For instance, soy which was previously thought effective for treating hot flashes and protecting bone health has been shown to be no more effective than taking a placebo. Black cohosh, another remedy for hot flashes, has shown to work for many women, but not for everyone. Be sure to take black cohosh in a natural remedy formulation made specifically to treat women going through menopause. Women who have liver disease should not take black cohosh.

Another remedy, red clover, like soy was shown to be no more effective than a placebo. However pycnogenol, made from French pine bark, was shown to relieve symptoms and lower bad cholesterol.

Using bioidentical hormones is another natural approach that is effective. For instance for those who are suffering from hot flashes, a teaspon of phytoestrogen cream rubbed into the skin of the thigh, stomach or buttocks can be very effective. The hormone cream that our readers like best is Source Naturals Phyto-Estrogen Cream, 4 oz. You can also take hormones in the form of a patch or gel.

Synthetic hormone therapy, which was associated with breast cancer risk and heart disease in a 2002 study done by the Women’s Health Initiative, is now believed to be safe. ᅠThe study was flawed because it was done on women who were older and much more prone to these diseases anyway. Synthetic hormones can be taken in the form of a patch, pills or pellets. Any treatment for menopause that contains hormones should be monitored by your doctor for safety and effectiveness. It’s more important than ever to get your yearly breast check and pap smear, especially when taking hormones.

Need help with menopause symptoms and haven’t found a treatment so far that works? Share your story, tips or ask questions below. Let’s make this a resource where women can help each other find real solutions and support each other through the change of life.

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