Flaxseed for Menopause: Does It Reduce Hot Flashes or Not?

by Laura Ramirez on July 6, 2011

Although flaxseed for menopause seems like a no-brainer, does it really help diminish the symptoms of menopause like hot flashes? Although findings from a previous study seemed to indicate it did, a recent study seems to indicate otherwise. ᅠOf course this doesn’t mean that you should stop including flaxseed oil because it does balance hormones and prevent breast cancer among other important benefits. Learn more about the findings from this important study to find out why taking flaxseed oil is essential especially for baby boomers and people suffering from diabetes.

flaxseed for menopause

While flaxseed for menopause is healthy, studies show it does not reduce hot flashesᅠ

Flaxseed is high in phytochemicals, including many antioxidants. It is perhaps our best source of lignans, which convert in our intestines to substances that tend to balance female hormones…

While flaxseed for menopause may not reduce annoying hot flashes, it is still an important source of antioxidants and phytochemicals. Just because it doesn’t reduce certain menopausal symptoms doesn’t mean that you should stop getting your daily dose of this important nutrient-rich food.

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