Early Onset Menopause Affects 1 in 100 Women – Are You at Risk?

by Laura Ramirez on July 7, 2011

Early onset menopause (caused by premature ovarian failure or POF) has increased in recent years and now affects about 1 in 100 women. (The definition of early menopause is when the ovaries stop functioning before age 40). Although the cause of this is still unknown, it has been linked to exposure to radiation and chemotherapy for treatment of cancer during childhood. Although POF can be permanent, women who wish to get pregnant maybe able to do so through in-vitro fertilization.

early onset menopause

Early Onset Menopause Affects Women Younger than 40.

The incidence of premature ovarian failure (POF) or the early menopause is on the increase, however, there is still hope for women who want to have a baby, says a new review published today in The Obstetrician & Gynaecologist (TOG). POF affects approximately 1 in 100 women and refers to the loss of the function of the ovaries before the age of 40…

While early onset menopause and the symptoms that accompany it: hot flashes, loss of sex drive, and night sweats may seem like a tragic diagnosis for a woman in her thirties, there is hope. Such women may still achieve their dream of giving birth to healthy babies with the help of egg donation. Adoption is another option for those who want more than anything to have a family.

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