Early Menopause Symptoms at Age 24

by Laura Ramirez on August 16, 2011

Early menopause symptoms, particularly when a women is in her twenties or her thirties are usually the result of health issues or surgical menopause due to cancer of the reproductive organs. Beyond the heartbreak of going through menopause well before your time and the inability to conceive children, some young women are finding that they have a difficult time finding effective treatments that don’t cause adverse reactions.

For instance, consider the case of Kate Cooper, a 24 year old Australian mother who went through menopause at age 24 due to health issues and surgery. Although she went from 0 to 60 in terms of symptoms, she has been unable to find a treatment (except one that is currently unavailable) that does not cause her to break out in a rash. The only thing that worked for her was an estradiol implant in the form of pellets (estradiol is the metabolically active form of estrogen) however, the medicine is no longer available. Since menopause symptoms can last for a decade, she has a long road ahead of her unless she can convince the manufacturer, Merck & Co., to start making the estradiol implants again. The premature menopause symptoms that she has to suffer with are headaches, hot flashes, night sweats, irritability, but she is also worried about long term risks like heart disease and osteoporosis.

Because she is young, she is expected to experience menopausal symptoms for at least the next 10 years. “My vitamin D levels are already so low they are affecting my bones,” she said. “What am I meant to do? Sit back and wait for osteoporosis to set in

On advice from her doctor, who is trying to source the implant from overseas, Ms Cooper started a Facebook group and petition to have the pellet produced again.

In the first week, her Facebook group had 1000 members and the petition had more than 400 signatures.

“I knew there had to be support out there and there had to be other women out there facing the same thing as I am,” Ms Cooper said.

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Obviously, women who suffer early menopause symptoms due to surgical removal of the ovaries do need treatment. Going through the change of life so early means that such women will not have the protective benefit that hormones have for bones, heart, brain and the immune system.

After starting her Facebook group, Cooper has discovered that other women are also allergic to many of the hormone replacement therapy options out there and are also in need of the estradiol pellets. She hope that as support for her cause grows, Merck will start manufacturing the pellets.

If you’ve gone through premature menopause due to surgery or ovarian failure, please share what you are using to effectively relieve your symptoms. If you have had allergic reactions to hormone replacement therapy options, please share that as well.

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