Do Menopause Symptoms in Women Prevent Breast Cancer?

by Laura Ramirez on October 14, 2011

Menopause symptoms in women may prevent breast cancer. That’s a loaded statement, I know, but this is the finding from a new study that the more frequent and severe your symptoms, the less likely you are to get breast cancer. This finding was recently published in Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers and Prevention (Feb. 2011) by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Hm, maybe suffering through all those hot flashes, chills and night sweats was actually worth it.

What causes these symptoms (hot flashes, mood swings, weight gain, night sweats and the like) is hormonal imbalance usually caused by a drop in estrogen (which signals the start of menopause). Lower estrogen levels affect the hypothalamus which is responsible for regulating body temperature. Although your body temperature may be all whacked out, going from hot to bone curdling chills and back again, this can be a good thing in terms of preventing breast cancer. It could be a case of “that which doesn’t kill me makes me stronger” … at least that’s what I kept telling myself when I was going through menopause naturally or as the French would say, au naturel.

I also told myself that those hot flashes were burning off the flab, but of course, that wasn’t quite the case. Anyway, that’s how I talked myself through the change without using medication.

Here’s a quote from an article posted on describing the results of the study mentioned above:

The study was funded by the National Cancer Institute and conducted in Seattle, Washington, United States. Nearly 1,500 women were interview, with two-thirds of them being breast cancer survivors.

The researchers presented their work in terms of the two most prevalent types of breast cancer, invasive ductal carcinoma and invasive lobular carcinoma. When the facts were presented, the risk factor for invasive ductal carcinoma in these women had been reduced by 40 percent. The risk factor for invasive lobular carcinoma was reduced by 60 percent. In addition, an increase in frequency and intensity of these hot flashes is directly related to an increase in protection against breast cancer.

The results of this study were the same for women who had used hormone replacement therapy, which is suspected to increase the risk of developing breast cancer.…/the-link-between-breas…

menopause symptoms in women

Menopause symptoms in women can lower breast cancer risk.

Next time you have a hot flash, you can comfort yourself with the idea that by letting it fully claim your body… by letting it fry you completely from the tips of your toes to the roots of your hair, you may just be reducing your chances of getting breast cancer later on in life.

So now that you know that menopause symptoms in women do not necessarily have to be treated and going through menopause naturally can actually have some benefit, what is your opinion on this subject? If you are on medication (such as HRT) would you be willing to give it up if it might prevent you from getting breast cancer? Does this change your attitude about menopause treatment in any way? Please leave your comments below.

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