Causes of Early Menopause Create Alarm for Women Under 40 and Their Doctors

by Laura Ramirez on July 7, 2011

The causes of early menopauseare not completely known, but doctors believe that exposure to chemotherapy/radiation as a child (for treating child-related cancers), smokers and members of the lowest socioeconomic class have the highest risk. These risks do not explain that fact that nearly 1 in 20 females experience early menopause (going through the change of life before the age of 40) for no known physical reason. Not only does this mean that many women are infertile at the tail end of their reproductive years, but these women have a higher risk of all the complications and diseases that come from a lack of estrogen in their reproductive system.On top of these 2 percent of women go through premature menopause due to removal of the ovaries or cancer treatment.<br>A further 2 per cent had gone through an early menopause due to cancer treatment or surgery to remove the ovaries. Women from the lowest social class are almost three times as likely to experience menopause before the age of 40 than those from the
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The average age of menopause used to be 51, but now that age is quickly dropping. This means that women are at risk for weight gain (and all that goes with it), hair loss, cardiovascular disease (they are twice as likely to have a heart attack or stroke), osteoporosis and even early dementia. Doctors are concerned about the causes of early menopause, but what is most puzzling are women whose premature midlife change is unexplained by lifestyle factors or medical history. As a women who went through the change myself before I was 40 (a full 12 years earlier than my mom), I urge you to consider the protective effect of bioidentical hormones, along with a good diet and stress relief through meditation and regular exercise. Hormone replacement therapy has been shown to protect the arteries as well. If you had early onset menopause, please share how you keep your brain, heart and body healthy.

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