Black Cohosh Menopause

Black Cohosh Menopause Symptom Relief

by Laura Ramirez on February 17, 2011

Black cohosh menopause treatments have become popular for good reason. With the safety of traditional hormone replacement therapy in question, many women are seeking other methods of relieving menopause symptoms without exposing themselves to serious side effects. Fortunately for these women, there are many natural substances that have proven to be highly effective menopause treatments.

The need for alternative treatments arose when HRT was shown to have a detrimental effect on many women, particularly increasing their risk for developing breast cancer. Though decreases in estrogen which naturally occur during menopause can lead to uncomfortable symptoms including hot flashes, vaginal dryness and depression, menopause remedies which try to directly replace lost estrogen are not necessarily the answer.

The world of nature offers a different possibility, and one which is becoming more and more popular among women. Black cohosh menopause treatments and other natural products represent a way of balancing hormone levels without risking serious side effects. Because black cohosh is a phytoestrogen, or natural estrogen found in plants, it gives women a way of boosting estrogen levels safely.

Black cohosh is a plant found in North America which has been used for generations by Native Americans to treat a number of conditions. In recent years, it has become one of the menopause remedies of choice for women experiencing common menopause symptoms. It can be taken in pill form or as a tea and there is a range of black cohosh products currently available on the market.

So how do black cohosh menopause treatments work? By mimicking the effects of natural estrogen in your body, it can help to ease many of the symptoms women experience. Depression, headache, hot flashes, cramping and other symptoms have all been shown to decrease dramatically as the result of taking black cohosh.

Because it helps to regulate estrogen levels in the body, black cohosh menopause can also help to prevent the formation of painful fibroids in the breasts and uterus. It also acts as a diuretic, making it effective at battling weight gain brought on by menopause. As menopause remedies go, almost nothing works better on all of your symptoms.

Of course, black cohosh may not be for everyone. Black cohosh can react badly with certain medications, particularly those taken for high blood pressure. And since it has something of a sedative effect, it should not be used if you are also on tranquilizers. As with any medical treatment, it is recommended that you consult with your doctor before taking black cohosh.

Menopause symptoms can be unsettling, but you can relieve them quickly with the use of a good black cohosh supplement. Don’t assume that HRT is your only answer when it comes to treating menopause. Talk to your doctor and consider all of your options. You may just find that the healing power of natural medicine makes all the difference.

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