Bioidentical Hormones Replacement Therapy – A Doctor Gives Opinions on BHRT

by Laura Ramirez on July 15, 2011

Bioidentical hormones replacement therapy (also known as BHRT) is a safe, natural way to replace or balance hormones during peri menopause and into the post menopausal years. Since natural hormones protect a woman’s heart, brain, skin, teeth and bones and balance moods, this is an excellent alternative to synthetic hormones (called hormone replacement therapy or HRT), which are derived from animals (like horse piss) and were exposed in the last decade for the link between women who take HRT and develop breast and uterine cancer.ᅠ

In an interview on the website Health and Wellness with Dr. Gross with the Active Center for Health & Wellness in New Jersy, the medical director discusses the key benefits of BHRT and menopause.)

For many women, menopause comes with hot flashes, low energy and mood swings. Chalk it up to declining hormone levels. Biodentical hormone therapy (BHRT) is gaining popularity as a treatment to balance hormones and guard against the effects of aging…the molecules used for BHRT are derived mostly from yams and soy and are molecule-for-molecule identical to human hormones. The body will recognize natural hormones the same as they would their own hormones, so they will be broken down completely, with no harmful byproducts.ᅠᅠ……/anti-aging-therapy-with-bioidentical-h…

bioidentical hormones replacement therapy

Bioidentical hormones replacement therapy slows down aging without side effects.

Bioidentical hormones replacement therapy differs from HRT in many respects. HRT is given in commercial doses without regard to a woman’s current levels of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. BHRT uses a tailored approach, gearing the dose to a woman’s specific needs, just as her body would produce more of a specific hormone if it drops below a certain level. Balancing hormones naturally means reducing menopause symptoms without side effects and delaying age-related diseases, such as osteoporis.

But BHRT is not just for menopausal women. It can be used for any woman who has hormonal imbalances at any stage of life. Since hormones are the key to health and longevity and also help create beautiful skin, hair and nails as well as strong healthy bones, it is worth looking into.

Are you using bioidentical hormones replacement therapy? Please share your experience with BHRT and the benefits you’ve gained, so women around the world can enjoy lifelong health.

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