BioIdentical Hormones and Menopause Reduce Symptoms and Protect Health

by Laura Ramirez on July 20, 2011

Bioidential hormones and menopause are a match made in heaven. Since bioidentical hormone therapy is about giving your body natural, plant-based hormones that are an exact match for what your body used to make, they have no side effects and are an excellent way to replenish declining hormones. This is not to be confused with synthetic hormone replacement therapy (which is made from horse urine) and has been linked in the past to breast cancer.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy will relieve menopause symptoms because you are giving the body exactly what it needs to regulate the body temperature, balance moods and create a general sense of vitality and well-being. In addition to eliminating symptoms, the presence of natural estrogen, progesterone and testosterone in your body means slowing diseases (like osteoporosis) and age-related decline that is linked to a lack of the proper balance of hormones.ᅠ

Bio-identical hormone replacements are natural occurring compounds or chemicals found in plants. They replace reduced hormones in the human body by mimicking the effects of the actual hormones produced in the body. The main hormones which are derived from the plants are progesterone, estradiol, and estriol, which is a naturally occurring estrogen.

These naturally occurring hormones are mainly used by women during and following menopause and they replenish the hormones lost during this period. Menopause is a natural occurrence in women and is often accompanied by different changes within the body.

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bioidentical hormones and menopause

Bioidentical hormones and menopause can reduce symptoms and protect your health.

Although menopause is not a disease, we now have the technology to replace the hormones that protect our hearts, brains, bones and balance moods as well as keeping our libido and energy levels strong. If you believe that bioidentical hormone therapy is only for treating symptoms like hot flashes, moodiness, weight gain, night sweats and sleep disturbance, then please look through all the articles that I’ve published recently on how prevention of osteoporosis, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, etc is linked to hormonal health.

This means that whether or not the symptoms of menopause cause you great discomfort or you have a fairly easy transition, you might want to consider natural hormone therapy to protect your health, maintain your quality of life and even increase your longevity. Bioidentical hormone therapy is not just for symptoms anymore.

What are your thoughts about bioidentical hormones and menopause? Are you using them? If so, please share how they have worked for you.

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