Beginning Menopause Symptom – Doctors Can Tell When Biological Clock Is Ticking

by Laura Ramirez on August 8, 2011

Beginning menopause symptom – now doctors claim that they can tell when a woman’s biological clock is ticking. They can tell how long she will be fertile and when she is likely to go through menopause. Obviously, this is great news for women who want to balance family with career and may want to wait until they are older, more established and successful before starting a family. Since these women do want children, they also don’t want to wait until it’s too late.

Obviously, such a test can also save couples time and money. Rather than opting for in vitro or expensive fertility treatments, they can plan their families with little expense and a lot more confidence.

For the first time, scientists have developed a simple hormone test that could measure how fast a woman’s biological clock is ticking, a move they say could revolutionise family planning by predicting when a woman is likely to start the menopause.

The test devised by a team from St Andrews University in Scotland allowed the researchers to successfully chart levels of a vital fertility hormone in women of different ages.ᅠ

Doctors claim they will be able to use the results as a benchmark against which to measure others, indicating when they are likely to go through the menopause and how long they will remain fertile. According to researchers, women are born with a finite
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In order to determine fertility, doctors do a simple test for levels of a fertility hormone called AMH (anti-Mullerian hormone which is a measure of ovarian activity and the approximate number of eggs that a woman has left). Women are limited in their ability to conceive because they only have so many eggs (a finite number which they are born), while healthy men can continue to produce sperm well into their later years.

As a woman gets older, her ability to conceive drops off. The general rule is that fertility decreases after age 30, but there are many exceptions to the rule. Some women are able to conceive well into their forties and women in their fifties have been known to deliver healthy babies, although risks for birth defects like Down’s Syndrome do increase with the age of the mother.

So the beginning menopause symptom for women could well be a decline in ovarian activity and levels of AMH. What do you think about the abilities of this new hormone test to help couples simplify family planning? Please leave your comments below.

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