Andropause in Men – Treating Symptoms and Regaining Vitality

by Laura Ramirez on July 19, 2011

Andropause in men is a real transition. This means that declining testosterone levels often lead to symptoms in our beloved men. Right when a woman may be going through the change of life and be consumed with her own symptoms, turns out, her man may be struggling with the same. Is it such a surprise then that so many divorces occur during midlife transition?

Since male menopause is just now being recognized as a real transition, there are not as many treatment options available as there are for women. One solution is bioidentical hormone therapy which uses hormones that are exactly the same as hormones made by the body. Since these hormones are not synthetic, they do not have side effects. Obviously, this is not a one-size-fits-all program. In order for testosterone hormone therapy to work, a full medical history must be taken and current hormone levels must be tested. This low dose testosterone is designed to balance hormone levels naturally and in addition to alleviating symptoms associated with andropause in men, increase a man’s sense of energy, vitality and virility or what I like to call his “potency.”

Andropause correlates straight with depression – a primary player in the notorious mid-life problems period men face of their late 40’s to be able to late 50’s.ᅠ…

andropause in men

Andropause in men can be treated.

Of course andropause in men can also be relieved without hormone therapy. Regular exercise (especially weight bearing exercise) will naturally increase testosterone levels. Getting adequate sleep and eating a diet made up primarily of fresh vegetables, lean meats, fish, whole grains and healthy oils is also beneficial to help the body make what it needs. In order to nourish the body, you must give it what it needs to make the nutrients required for repairing and maintaining healthy organs, hair, skin, muscle tone and bone density. Remember garbage in, garbage out, so put yummy, nutritious things into your mouth.

Since male menopause can also lead to depression which can upset every facet of a man’s life, men can take care of their mental health and improve their outlook on life by taking the steps outlined above. If this is not enough to relieve the symptoms of andropause, then consider looking into testosterone hormone therapy (THT) as well.ᅠ

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